WORCS ATV Toutle Results

June 6, 2009
Courtesy of WORCS ATV
The WORCS Series made their stop in Toutle, Wa this past weekend for round #5 of the 2009 WORCS ATV series. A 4.3 mile loop and a beautiful track that sits 60 miles north of the Oregon border. Riverdale Raceway’s Dan Dale put on a fantastic event and the weather was perfect for the weekend’s festivities. MCR’s Beau Baron captured his second consecutive race win for the team and now looks to be comfortable going into the summer break.

* Josh Frederick who suffered an ugly injury would sit our this round as he continues to heal up and hopefully make a full return at Round 6 in Washington in August…..

WORCS ATV Toutle Round WORCS ATV Toutle Round
WORCS ATV Toutle Round WORCS ATV Toutle Round
(top left, clockwise) MXN’s Christian Chambers showed up to round #5 with his company’s
 nutritional support & Shelman Enterprises/MXN/O’Neal/FOX Shox’s Time Shelman was
there to greet him; Motowork’s Dillon Zimmerman would battle hard with Haagsma all day
finishing second in Pro-AM and leave with the points lead, heading into summer break;
Dustin Nelson who lead for nearly 4 laps would soon find a tree or two which took out his
steering stabilizer and would be forced to pull out with two laps remaining. Reports are
Nelson is sore, but will be back for second half as it starts back up in August at Straddleline,
Wa for Rnd #6. MCR’s rookie and defending 2008 WORCS Pro-Am Champ Josh Row
continues to impress the WORCS fans. Row would finish 4th on the day.

WORCS ATV Toutle Results
1. Beau Baron (Honda)
2. Jeremie Warina (Can-Am)
3. Jarrod McClue (Honda)
4. Josh Row (Honda)
5. Mike Machado (Honda)
6. Doug Eichner (Polaris)
7. Ryan Piplic (Kawasaki)
8. Jorie Williams (Honda)
9. Justin Waters (Yamaha)
10. Reed Petchnick (Yamaha)

WORCS ATV Points Standings
1. Beau Baron – 122
2. Josh Frederick – 110
3. Jeremie Warina – 91
4. Doug Eichner – 83
5. Dustin Nelson – 70
6. Mike Machado – 69
7. Josh Row – 64
8. Jarrod McClure – 54
9. Ryan Piplic – 50
10. Michael Cafro – 48

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