2010 CVO Street Glide First Ride

July 25, 2009
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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The 2010 CVO Street Glide handles extremely well for a big bagger.
Hi-Ho, CVO, Away! The Lone Ranger may have had Silver, but I’ll take the 2010 CVO Street Glide with its 1803cc of power anyday over an old beaten-down horse.

The popular visage of H-D’s ‘batwing’ fairing crashes the CVO party this year, as the 2010 CVO Street Glide joins the ranks of heralded Harleys. The hot-rod bagger already benefitted from the upgraded chassis that graced the 2009 touring line, highlighted by a single-spar, rigid backbone frame and new swingarm. The CVO Street Glide not only handles loads better rolling on the new chassis, but the rubber-mounted TC 110 gives it extra go to the tune of a claimed 115 lb-ft at 3750 rpm. Give the hydraulic clutch a light squeeze, roll back the responsive throttle, and you’ll be actively seeking the next corner. On the CVO Street Glide, it’s easy to forget that you’re on a bagger. Even while tipping the scales with a claimed dry weight of 805 lbs, the motorcycle transitions well for a bike its size.
It’s got the geometry for it. The CVO Street Glide’s wheelbase, 63.5 inches, is surprisingly a tenth of an inch smaller than the best-handling CVO, the Fat Bob, and its 26-degree rake is 3-degrees tighter. The hydraulic rear shocks are new, with 40mm pistons and 14mm rods. Suspension preload is adjustable by hand, with the pre-load adjustment knob sitting behind the left saddlebag. The seven-spoke, 18-inch Agitator wheels are shod in bias Dunlops front and rear that are special-made for The Motor Company and provide plenty of positive feedback with the road.

The cockpit of the CVO Street Glide is attractive and tidy.
The metal-faced gauges of the CVO Street Glide stand out against the gloss black inner fairing. The sound provided by the 40-Harman/Kardon system ain’t bad, either.

The dual floating front brake rotors have a seven-spoke design that matches the contrast-cut Agitator wheels, with a 4-piston caliper putting the squeeze on the discs. And if that’s not enough, the 2010 CVO Street Glide has the ABS package that became standard in Harley touring motorcycles starting in 2009. The system pulses when applied, but the knocking felt in the middle of your foot isn’t as startling as the initial system. The CVO Street Glide’s listed lean angle of 32-degrees right/30-degrees left is greater than the CVO Softail Convertible, and I can confirm that it can be cranked over more confidently without sending up a shower of sparks.
Even though you’re bombing on a bagger, the riding position of the 2010 CVO Street Glide leaves you ready to rock & roll. With feet out wide and forward on the Rumble Collection floorboards, arms up-and-ready chest high, you can’t help but feel like hot-rodding as you tuck into the new low-profile leather seat and glare over the short smoke wind deflector of the custom-painted ‘batwing’ fairing.

Inside the fairing, the cockpit is very clean. The metal-faced gauges stand out against the gloss black of the inner fairing. The round dials of the analog speedo and tach sit just below eye level and are large enough to be read easily with a glance. Below it sits a 40-watt Harman/Kardon Advanced Audio System with its volume controls conveniently located below the switch housing on the left handlebar. The sound quality was crisp, even while tuned in to local radio, and good tunes have a habit of making the miles melt away faster.

2010 Harley-Davidson CVO Street Glide
The 2010 CVO Street Glide in Spiced Rum with Gold Leaf Graphics will whet the appetite of any fan of The Motor Co.

A combination of subtle changes to the bodywork set the 2010 CVO Street Glide apart from its OE counterpart. The front fender has been tucked in tighter and trimmed up slightly. The one-piece, injection-molded saddlebags are a tad roomier inside and have cleanly incorporated color-matched fascia panels that fill in the gaps between the hard, extended saddlebags and rear fender. These panels house the LED stop/tail/turn signals, which run vertically on each side of the rear fender. And the mustache engine guard now comes with a new rubber pad, so you can kick up your feet a little more comfortably on long hauls.
Two of the paint combos on the CVO Street Glide really caught my eye. The Spiced Rum with Gold Leaf Graphics, the Screamin’ Eagle head streaking across the saddlebags, oil cover, and tank, and the Candy Concord with ghost flames and Pale Gold Leaf Graphics are particularly eye-catching. Little things like color-matching the front fender skirt, upper fork slider covers, saddlebag latches and license plate light cover add to the show-bike quality.

The CVO crew out of York will crank out 3500 2010 CVO Street Glides, while dealers will be putting them on their showroom floors with a $30,999 sticker price, the same going rate as last year’s CVO Road Glide.