2010 Husaberg FE 390, FX 450, FS 570

July 6, 2009
JC Hilderbrand
JC Hilderbrand
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Husaberg has chosen to jump straight to the head of the class and with the impression it has left on me  I have every reason to expect it to be a full success.
We were thoroughly impressed with the 2009 Husaberg FE 450 (shown). The new machines look promising as well.

After turning the off-road motorcycle world upside down with the radical horizontal engine configuration of the FE 450 and FE 570, Husaberg has become a perfect testing ground for its parent company, KTM motorcycle. The new model year will bring big things from Husaberg, but at least one is in a smaller package. The Swedish company has announced that it will offer a 390 version of its enduro line. The FE 390 is claimed to have increased traction and superb rideability. This is as small as they go for now with Berg claiming that the bike already handles like a 250, so there is no point in dropping engine size for now. With great handling and ease of riding, Husaberg is anticipating success in extreme enduros as well.

During our test of the 2009 FE 450, we found that the enduro bike’s inverted engine had the positive side effects of making it a great motocross bike, though the off-road suspension was not up to the task of serious MX. However, much like KTM offers the XC-W and XC models, Husaberg is bringing out the FX 450, which should be more of a GP or desert-type enduro. It has a closed-cartridge fork and specially designed triple clamp which holds different Renthal handlebars. The FX is sans headlight or blinkers for you dual-sport guys, and it uses a 19-inch rear wheel

We’ve already made plans to test the new machines in Washington at the start of August and anticipate having both the FE 390 and FX 450 at our disposal. However, as you might have noticed, if you already skipped to the video, that there is also a new supermoto version as well. The FS 570 uses tubeless 17-inch wheels, a radially mounted four-piston brake caliper, and stubby front fender to go with special motard graphics.

We’re waiting for detailed information on all Husaberg models to arrive any day, but for now watch this teaser video to get a sneak peak at the new lineup.