2010 Husqvarna Motorcycle Pricing Announced

July 16, 2009
Courtesy Husqvarna

2010 Husqvarna WR300
2010 Husqvarna WR300

The factory has just released pricing for the entire 2010 Husqvarna Cross Country, Enduro, Motocross and Supermoto model line-ups. Significant upgrades for 2010 include 48mm Kayaba forks across the line; stronger, more flexible plastic; stronger/lighter front and rear wheel hubs as well as a host of model-specific changes for both the 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke platforms.

Model                            Model                 MSRP
Cross Country           TXC250                $7,299 
                                      TXC450               $7,699 
                                      TXC510               $7,999
Enduro 2-Stroke         WR125                $5,999 
                                       WR250                $6,799 
                                       WR300                $6,999
Enduro 4-Stroke         TE250                   $7,599 
                                       TE310                   $7,999 
                                       TE450                   $8,299 
                                       TE510                   $8,599
Motocross                    TC250                   $6,899 
                                       TC450                   $7,399
Supermoto                   SM450                  $7,999 
                                       SM510                   $8,699

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