AMA Motocross Millville Results

July 18, 2009
Chris McNeil
AMA Pro Motocross 450 Class

Yamaha’s Josh Grant passed Chad Reed (Suzuki) after the first lap to take the lead and hold the win in Moto 1 at the Spring Creek MX Park in Millville, Minnesota. Chad Reed was in close pursuit of the Yamaha rider throughout the heat but could not manage to track him down, ultimately finishing 1.738 seconds behind. The rest of the field was considerably off the pace of the two front-runners, with Michael Byrne taking third almost 52 seconds behind Grant.

Josh Grant took fifth overall - AMA Motocross  Hangtown
Josh Grant took his second straight race victory in Moto 1.

Davi Millsaps held third-place for most of the race before experiencing problems on Lap 12 that forced him to drop out. Meanwhile, the fourth-placed Ivan Tedesco (Honda) couldn’t hold off Tommy Hahn and Michael Byrne, the latter of which passed into third on Lap 15. Honda’s Andrew Short then mounted an attack on his teammate Tedesco, but was unable to close the gap as he finished one second behind in sixth.

KTM’s Justin Brayton worked his way up from 12th on Lap 1 to finish seventh, followed closely throughout the race by Yamaha’s Nick Wey. Matt Goerke (Suzuki) made an impressive recovery from 38th at the start of the race to finish ninth, while Factory Yamaha’s Josh Hill clawed his way from 28th to round out the top ten.

Reed made short work of Tedesco on Lap 2 to lead the field for the remainder of Moto 2 at Spring Creek. The Australian finished seven seconds ahead of Tedesco.

“I was disappointed (with the first moto),” explained Reed. “I felt I had a win in me. But we made some changes (to the bike) between races and I felt a lot more comfortable in the second moto. I think this weekend was a huge weight off of my shoulders. I definitely felt more myself and was able to put in a much better effort and ride strong in both motos.” 

Millsaps took third from KTM’s Brayton on Lap 6 but was too far back to challenge for second.

Suzuki’s Byrne managed to make it by Short on Lap 14 and hold onto fourth. Kyle Regal (Honda), Brayton (KTM), and Cody Copper (Yamaha) were the next group of riders across the finish-line. A bad start from Moto 1 winner Josh Grant left him next to last after lap 1, but he managed to round-off the top ten behind Yamaha’s Nick Wey.

Chad Reed - AMA Motocross - Freestone Raceway
Chad Reed took advantage of his closest competitor’s inconsistent performances to extend his lead.

450 Results:
AMA Motocross Mid-Ohio
1. Chad Reed (Suzuki RMZ 450) 2-1
2. Ivan Tedesco (Honda CRF450R) 5-2
3. Michael Byrne (Suzuki RMZ 450) 3-4
4. Josh Grant (Yamaha YZ 450F) 1-10
5. Andrew Short (Honda CRF450R) 6-5
6. Justin Brayton (KTM 450 SX-F) 7-7
7. Thomas Hahn (Kawasaki KX 450F) 4-13
8. Nicholas Wey (Yamaha YZ 450F) 8-9
9. Cody Cooper (Yamaha YZ 450F) 12-8
10. David Millsaps (Honda CRF450R) 33-3
11. Ricky Dietrich (Kawasaki KX 450F) 14-11
12. Jarred Browne (Suzuki RMZ 450) 11-14
13. Kyle Regal (Honda CRF250R) 25-6
14. Tyler Bowers (Honda CRF450R) 13-15
15. Matthew Goerke (Suzuki RMZ 450) 9-32

450 Overall Points Standings:
1. Chad Reed – 287
2. Andrew Short – 250
3. Ivan Tedesco – 238
4. Josh Grant – 234
5. Michael Byrne – 183
6. Cody Cooper – 157
7. Thomas Hahn – 149
8. Michael Alessi – 142
9. Ricky Dietrich – 136
10. Justin Brayton – 127
11. Nicholas Wey – 126
12. James Albertson – 91
13. Daniel Reardon – 68
14. Jeff Alessi – 60
15. David Millsaps – 15

AMA Pro Motocross 250 Class

Team Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey lead from start to finish during the 250 class Moto 1 at the Spring Creek MX Park in Millville, MN. The rider from Belle Plaine, Minnesota, made a spectacular home-race performance to finish 34.586 seconds in front of runner-up and championship points leader Christophe Pourcel. Kawasaki’s Pourcel outgunned Justin Barcia (Honda) on Lap 3 and the two ran a tight race, with Barcia taking third just over three seconds behind the Frenchman.

Ryan Dungey - AMA Motocross Lites  High Point
Ryan Dungey’s sweep of 250 at his home-race in Minnesota puts him within 3 points of the championship lead.

Barcia’s fellow Geico Powersports Honda teammate Brett Metcalfe finished just behind in fourth, after swapping places with his comrade on a number of occasions. Brock Tickle was able to hold off Kawasaki’s Jake Weimer throughout the race to take Yamaha’s top spot in fifth. Kyle Cunningham (Kawasaki) and Alex Martin (Honda) following Weimer in seventh and eighth.

KTM’s Tommy Searle had a good start in sixth, but a number of small mistakes caused him to drop to ninth. On the other hand, Mathew Lemoine worked his way from 14th on Lap 1 to round off the top ten.

Pourcel and Barcia gave Dungey a bit more fight in Moto 2, but it was the Minnesota rider’s day to shine. The West Coast Supercross champ passed Barcia on Lap 6 to take the lead, extending his advantage on each lap thereafter to finish almost 18 seconds ahead of the pair. Pourcel outmaneuvered Barcia a lap after Dungey to leave the Honda rider just over three seconds behind in third. A serious case of déjà-vu started to develop as Metcalfe once again took fourth behind his teammate.

Yamaha’s Darryn Durham mixed things up to take a much improved fifth over his 15th-place in Moto 1. Otherwise, it was pretty much a rehash of Moto 1, with Tickle, Weimer, Cunningham, and Lemoine crossing in the same sequence.

250 Results:
AMA Motocross Mid-Ohio
1. Ryan Dungey (Suzuki RM Z250) 1-1
2. Christophe Pourcel (Kawasaki KX 250F) 2-2
3. Justin Barcia (Honda CRF250R) 3-3
4. Brett Metcalfe (Honda CRF250R) 4-4
5. Broc Tickle (Yamaha YZ 250F) 5-6
6. Jake Weimer (Kawasaki KX 250F) 6-7
7. Kyle Cunningham (Kawasaki KX 250F) 7-8
8. Matthew Lemoine (Yamaha YZ 250F) 10-9
9. Darryn Durham (Yamaha YZ 250F) 15-5
10. Tommy Searle (KTM 250 SXF) 9-11
11. Alex Martin (Honda CRF250R) 8-12
12. Max Anstie (KTM 250 SXF) 14-10
13. Sean Borkenhagen (Honda CRF250R) 13-13
14. Ben Evans (Honda CRF250R) 11-15
15. Tucker Hibbert (Yamaha YZ 250F) 17-14

450 Overall Points Standings:

1. Christophe Pourcel – 299
2. Ryan Dungey – 296
3. Brett Metcalfe – 215
4. Tommy Searle – 213
5. Justin Barcia – 191
6. Jake Weimer – 182
7. Tyla Rattray – 175
8. Broc Tickle – 172
9. Blake Wharton – 158
10. Trey Canard – 139
11. Matthew Lemoine – 122
12. Kyle Cunningham – 112
13. Ben Evans – 99
14. Darryn Durham – 94
15. William Hahn – 94

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