Art In Motion Kits & Installation of 360 Brakes

July 13, 2009
Courtesy of Art In Motion

Art In Motion

Art in Motion, LLC (AIM) has released complete kits for the installation of 360 brakes on Harley Davidson motorcycles. The kits are available for FLH/FLT dual 5” and single 6” front brakes, FLS front and rear brakes, FXS w/ wide glide front forks, front and rear brakes, Deuce front and rear brakes, and FXD w/ wide glide front forks, front and rear. These kits are available to the 360 brake Dealer or the consumer wanting to install their own 360 brakes on their bike. Aim will provide all technical assistance to do the complete installation with out hassle.

AIM also provides a complete wheel (From any Manufacturer), tire, 360 brake assembled on the wheel, and all spacers and hardware required to complete the installation. This package can come with or without the brake lines to provide a complete package. By selecting this option all you have to do is remove the original tire and wheel from the bike and install the complete wheel assembly hook up the brake lines and bleed the system and then do the brake in per the instructions. This provides a hassle free installation for the hottest new product on the market for customizing your bike.

Please visit to see more information on 360 Brakes and our custom Bikes and Trikes. Note: 360 brakes can only be installed on wheels with removable hubs. Most factory wheels will have to be replaced with custom wheels. AIM can supply the wheels of your choice and pre-assemble them with the brakes and tires ready for installation.

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