Deep South Choppers Shocker First Look

July 16, 2009
Courtesy of Andy Meadors / Deep South Choppers
Deep South Choppers
Deep South Choppers is taking a page out of the ‘Book of Old School’ with the release of two stripped down, bobbed  production custom motorcycles, the High and Low Voltage.

Deep South Choppers, (DSC) is established as a nationally marketed American V-Twin custom motorcycle shop, and now enters in the custom production micro-manufacturing segment with their proprietary line of built-to-order limited production motorcycles, dubbed the SHOCKERS. DSC, based in Baton Rouge (LA), is a turn-key facility, providing hand-made quality motorcycles, and selling retail direct to the public. Every motorcycle is carefully fabricated and assembled in-house using America’s finest parts suppliers and brands with experienced, passionate technicians.

Done with the expensive, long wheel base and fat rear tire craze, Deep South Choppers is going back to the roots of American V-Twin customizing as it was right after WWII, and re-building the modern American custom production V-Twin motorcycle. Stripped down; bobbed rear fender, small ‘peanut’ styled fuel tank, absent front fender, solo seat, straight pipes, and anything to make the bike more responsive and faster for the pure enjoyment of what motorcycles should be – all at under $20k.

Introducing the SHOCKER series – limited production, tailored built production motorcycles with Hot Rod styling and performance at an affordable price tag. Understanding that customer’s demands in motorcycles increase throughout these tech savvy years, DSC has designed a motorcycle that perfectly blends style, comfort, performance, and price into

Deep South Choppers Low Voltage
Deep South Choppers High Voltage
Deep South Choppers is crashing the factory-custom party by building-to-order and limiting production. Though it might not be an ideal time to start a production line, offering burly bikes like these for under $20K is sure to raise eyebrows.

the SHOCKER Series with all quality American made parts. In essence, the pair of motorcycles has racing inspired engineering with an old school attitude.

The $19,899 Low Voltage design has the fuel tank sitting low on the frame with drag style bars, creating a sleek profile for an aggressive look and feel. The $19,999 High Voltage has its fuel tank sitting on top of the frame with riser bars, producing a more relaxed chopper style.

RELIABILITY. With the help of Harley-Davidson’s smooth running EVO and a tough Baker 5-speed transmission as standard equipment in these new Deep South Choppers proprietary production bikes, the SHOCKER Series motorcycles use all American made components for optimum reliability.

PERFORMANCE. Carrera racing shocks makes the ride not only comfortable, but drives this bike to the lead of the pack in its competing market segment with its high performance edge. The 16” diameter wheels, 4-piston caliper brakes, performance Dunlop tires and a conservative wheelbase – the ergonomics are a blast within the city walls and absolutely stable on the open highways.

QUALITY. The proprietary DSC chassis was designed, engineered, and tested with strict analysis before production. The chassis is fabricated and assembled all under the same roof – making Deep South Choppers a powerful, turn-key facility. From concept to completion, DSC is vertically integrated with deep capabilities as a custom and production manufacturer, hand crafting each motorcycle with high-level quality control.

EXCLUSIVE. Isn’t this the point of not riding a run-of-the-mill H-D? You’re different – then ride different. DSC has decided to introduce SHOCKER Series motorcycles as a limited production with a rivet mounted custom number badge. Order yours as soon as you can to get a low production number, and let Deep South Chopper build it the way you want.

Their business plan of selling retail direct cuts out the middleman dealer, driving the price down to an affordable number with direct communication and logistics for each customer. Service and warranty work can be performed at the customer’s nearest reputable motorcycle shop. Customers can watch their bike being built, with the builder’s photos and notes in a Blog format on
The Baton Rouge, (LA) based custom motorcycle shop and manufacturer, Deep South Choppers (DSC), was formed in 2004 by the Mannino family to build custom tailored motorcycles per customer on a built-to-order supply and demand business philosophy – building motorcycles in a wide price range of $20k to $80k. Never wanting to expand operations to large overheads and complicated inventory, their family oriented atmosphere welcomes all that desire to indulge in the biker lifestyle with a comfortable, dedicated and efficient business and work ethics. Experienced builders, no-frills shop, and the cliché Southern style character enable DSC to provide a quality motorcycle at a great price with respectful customer service.

• Under $20k retail
• Limited Run with Custom Badge
• DSC Proprietary Chassis
• 80″ Harley-Davidson EVO Engine
• 5-Speed Baker Transmission
• 2″ Open Belt Primary Drive
• Mooneyes Spun Aluminum Oil Tank
• 16″ Wheels, 150mm Rear Tire
• Fat Spoke or Mag Wheel Choice
• DSC Proprietary Hand & Foot Controls
• Satin Finish on all Metal Surfaces
• Carrera Racing Shocks
• 4-Piston Caliper Brakes
• Additional Build Options
• 1 Year Warranty