Shift Streetfighter Storm Series Jacket Review

Bart Madson | July 17, 2009
Shift Streetfighter Storm Series Jacket
The textile Shift Streetfighter Storm Series Jacket is waterproof and fit for year-long riding duty.

Casual good looks and year-long versatility combine with the Shift Streetfighter Storm Series Jacket. A textile jacket design, the Streetfighter Storm works well for a wide range of riding applications. (Note: This textile Streetfighter jacket is different from a similar a review on the Streetfighter Hybrid, a combination of leather and synthetic material.)

The textile fabric construction of the Storm features a 600D textured polyester body with nylon reinforced panels in the shoulder and elbows. Delivering added protection and abrasion resistance are removable CE-approved armor inserts. A back protector can be added to supplement the armor protection via a rear pocket area. No, we didn’t crash, but, yes, we feel confident the Storm would deliver solid protection in the event of a fall.

The Streetfighter Storm looks great, in our estimation. The bright lettering and reflective areas offer plenty of visibility for safety, yet the styling isn’t too over-the-top for our staid tastes. We also like the fit too. The articulated shoulder and elbow panels make for comfortable reach to the bars and the textile design feels quite light. The collar is comfortable and snug, as are the cuffs.

Shift Streetfighter Storm Series Jacket
The Shift Streetfighter Storm Series Jacket will work for a wide range of riders.

Cold rides were more than bearable, although brisk, with the removable liner inserted. We are confident of the liner’s waterproof claims, although we were lucky to never seriously test them (a virtual miracle considering rain clouds are fairly common on our riding adventures, it seems…). As for its warm weather chops, the ventilation is okay while riding at speed, provided you’ve got the front zipped down to get air flow in, but a couple vents would have been much appreciated. At a stop the vent-less design gets quite warm in the sun.

Hard-core tourers may be better served with more rugged cold weather protection, while folks riding all summer-long down south will need more ventilation. The Streetfighter Storm motorcycle jacket is a compromise between those extremes, however, and an easy choice for casual street bike riders and weekend warriors in more temperate climes.

Highs & Lows
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • High visibility but not over-the-top style
  • Can be used for year-round riding if needed
  • Zipper issues not for rageaholics
  • Gets hot without steady airflow

My only major gripe on the Storm is its zipper. About half the time, removal of our jacket is accompanied with muttered profanities thanks to the zipper getting jammed up in the interior liner flap. The design flaw is irritating enough to mention and considering the $199.95 MSRP, it makes me less enthusiastic about recommending it for purchase.

Admitting that fault, the overall quality of the Shift Streetfighter is enjoyable. Providing you have the patience to deal with a wayward zipper now and then, it’s a solid choice. And to be honest, zipper be damned, the Streetfighter is one of my most convenient gear choices due to its comfort, style and versatility.

Product: Shift Streetfighter Storm Series Jacket
MSRP: $199.95


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