AMA ATV Motocross Loretta Lynn Results

August 18, 2009
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Josh Creamer takes the win  but Wimmer takes home the championship.
Josh Creamer takes the win, but Wimmer takes home the championship.

Although Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Josh Creamer took a decided 1-2 victory at the Dirt Days National at the Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Defending Series Champion, Rockstar Makita Suzuki‘s Dustin Wimmer took home his second series championship, despite a fourth place overall finish in the final round of the series. Honda’s Joe Byrd took home second and Warnert Can-Am’s John Natalie took third on the podium.

Wimmer overcame a mid-season shoulder injury that would have knocked most riders out of the series altogether. “It feels great,” Wimmer said. “It was a really hard year for the team with me getting injured the fourth race in. I had to work hard and come back strong from the injury. I had a six moto win streak going up to this race. I really got back on top of things.

“At first, I didn’t think I could come back,” Wimmer continued. “After I raced the first race back I was like ‘this is pretty impossible if I race like this again’ but then I got some recovery time. All three of us (contenders Chad Wienen and Joe Byrd) could have won it this year. We all had our share of bad luck but we came out on top.”

Creamer also took home the  250 holeshot award.
Creamer also took home the $250 holeshot award.

Chad Wienen started the day off right with the Fastest Qualifier Award but teammate Creamer took the first moto from start to finish, not letting up on his lead after he took the holeshot award. Creamer was able to create breathing room while behind him Honda veteran Joe Byrd worked his way up from a midpack start to take second place behind Creamer and Warnert Can-Am’s Natalie, who took third. Wimmer, who only had to grab five points to secure the championship succeed in the first race by coming in fourth in moto one. After the first moto he was rewarded with the AMA Pro ATV MX number one plate. Wienen tangled with Thomas Brown on the start, causing him to finish all the way back in 13th place.

In Moto 2, Wimmer took it easy but Creamer didn’t fare quite as well when Harold Goodman beat him to the punch off the line to grab the holeshot. He led until he got a rock caught in his caliper and had to exit to the mechanic’s area. Creamer took over the lead and began to battle with his teammate Wienen. Wienen made a late pass on Creamer to take the moto. Byrd, who had won on his home track at Loretta’s several times, took third despite a solid start off the line.

Joe Byrds fine performance at Lorettas earned him the number 2 plate.
Joe Byrd’s fine performance at Loretta’s earned him the number 2 plate.

“I felt really good,” Creamer said. “I took the overall win for the last race of the year. When Chad got around me I wasn’t that worried about it. I knew he wanted to win that moto but I wasn’t going to try to get in his way. The track was good, they finally changed it this year and I liked it. It got good and round. Everything worked out good for me.”

“I love the track,” Byrd said. “I love the heat. But we didn’t have the right setup this weekend. I’m satisfied. I came out here to win. With our results up and down all year, I’ll settle for second.”

Wienen held the points lead late in the season but suffered through a bad run of poor starts, he can at least end the series on a positive note having won the final moto.

John Natalie roared to a third place podium finish  giving him the number 7 plate.
John Natalie roared to a third place podium finish, giving him the number 7 plate.

In other news, former Pro Am Production Cody Gibson made his Pro Race debut at Loretta’s but had mechanical issues.

Kawasaki Monster Energy’s Bobby Ross took home the victory in Pro Am Production, followed by ATP Racing’s Josh Williams in second and Rath Racing’s Casey Martin in third.

After the ProAm Production race the incorrect finishes were announced at the track and then podium photo appearances were incorrect. The riders awarded were: Ross,

Williams and Rastrelli. However by finish positions Factory Polaris/Rath Racing/Exposed Clothing rider Casey Martin held the third place finish. Even eScore is showing this correct finish based on tie breaker rules.

Dustin Wimmer claims his second Pro ATV MX Championship!
Dustin Wimmer claims his second Pro ATV MX Championship!

Highlights will air on ATVision powered by Quad Magazine this Wednesday, with a link posted on The race will also air on Versus Network in a special ATV MX episode of Racer TV. That show airs on Sunday September 27th 2:30p.m., with a re-air on Tuesday September 29th @ 5:00 p.m. Head to for all the latest information.

AMA Pro ATV Finish
1. Josh Creamer (KAW)
2. Joe Byrd (HON)
3. John Natalie (CAN)
4. Dusin Wimmer (SUZ)
5. Doug Gust (SUZ)
6. Cody Miller (CAN)
7. Chad Wienen (KAW)
8. Josh Upperman (HON)
9. Brandon Smith (CAN)
10. Keith Little (KAW)

Pro Am Production Finish
1. Bobby Ross (KAW)
2. Josh Williams (SUZ)
3. Casey Martin (PLS)
4. Jeffrey Rastrelli (SUZ)
5. Chase Snapp (SUZ)
6. Joel Hetrick (KAW)
7. Joseph Bruening (KTM)
8. Devin Heimes (SUZ)
9. Justin Jones (SUZ)
10. Sean Taylor (HON)

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