Amateur National Motocross – Thursday

August 6, 2009
Chris McNeil

In Moto 2 of the 450 B Stock Class, Justin Starling charged past Tanner Krahenbuhl for second on Lap 3, and then dispatched the fading Frank Lettieri Junior to take the lead. On Lap 5, Starling clocked the fastest time of the race to expand his advantage over Krahenbuhl, crossing the finish-line 15 seconds ahead of the Nevadan. Bryce Vallee of Escondido, California made a remarkable recovery from 17th on Lap 1 to slip past Alexander Millican on the last lap of the nine lap race, taking third. Dakato Tedder also made a come-from-behind run from 27th on Lap 1 to round off the top five.

450 B Stock Moto 2 Results:
1. Justin Starling – Suz
2. Tanner Krahenbuhl – Hon
3. Bryce Vallee – Yam
4. Alexander Millican – Yam
5. Dakota Tedder – Kaw
6. Dustin Pipes – Suz
7. Cody Haney – Yam
8. Jonathan Foskey – Ktm
9. Frank Lettieri Jr – Suz
10. Nick Paluzzi – Suz

Dean Wilson was back on Thursday to take another commanding win in the 450 A/Pro Sport Class. On Lap 2, Wilson and Shawn Rife jetted past Derek Hall and immediately created a 20 second gap between themselves and the third-placed Hall during the subsequent lap. By Lap 4, Rife was nearly side-by-side with Wilson, and then Wilson laid down his fastest lap of the race to build a two second gap. Pressure to keep up caused Rife to crash on Lap 5, which caused the Ohio rider to lose about 12 seconds. Without a competitor breathing down his neck, Wilson was able to pull away and take the win by 30 seconds over Rife. Travis Baker passed Hall on Lap 5 to claim third and Randy DeBartolo finished out the top five.

450 A/Pro Sport Moto 2 Results:
1. Dean Wilson – Kaw
2. Shawn Rife – Kaw
3. Travis Baker – Yam
4. Derek Hall – Hon
5. Randy Dibartolo – Kaw
6. Sean Lipanovich – Hon
7. Johnny Marley – Yam
8. Cameron Stone – Hon
9. Devin Reed – Kaw
10. Joshua Clark – Hon

Drake Degaynor is a three time holeshot winner. Thats  300 hell be able to spend on some more motorcycle goodies.
Drake Degaynor is a three time holeshot winner. That’s $300 he’ll be able to spend on some more motorcycle goodies.

Luke Purther was able pass Drake Degaynor and get out to an early lead in Moto 2 of the 65 (7-11) Modified Class, staying clear of the heated battle for 2nd-5th. The Oak Hils, California rider clocked the fastest fast of the race on Lap 3 to expand his advantage over second-placed Jacob Edison to 15 seconds. Purther was beyond the reach of his competitors from then on. Edison made a mistake on Lap 5 that allowed Kade Walker, Taylor Barnett, Alec Mellick, and Jerry Robinson to move up one place. The pack of four would hold their positions to finish out the top five spots, though Robin almost claimed fourth from Mellick on the final lap.

65 (7-11) Modified Moto 2 Results:
1. Luke Purther – Ktm
2. Kade Walker – Ktm
3. Taylor Barnett – Ktm
4. Alec Mellick – Ktm
5. Jerry Robin – Ktm
6. Jacob Edison – Oth
7. Tyler Kirschner – Oth
8. Greer Marshall – Ktm
9. Tommy Maxey – Ktm
10. Sean Cantrell – Cob

Amanda Maheu took her second Girls (11-15) Class win on Thursday as Christiana Older and Serratia Gonzalez once again finished off the top three. Maheu tracked down early race leader Older on Lap 4, and then powered ahead to a 10 second margin of victory. Older maintained second by another 10 second margin over Gonzalez. Kelsey Morris and Krisa Sweeney claimed fourth and fifth after Morris dive-bombed past Sweeney on Lap 4.

Girls (11-15) Moto 2 Results:
1. Amanda Maheu – Yam
2. Christina Older – Suz
3. Serratia Gonzalez – Ktm
4. Kelsey Morris – Kaw
5. Krisa Sweeney – Kaw
6. Nicole Evjen – Suz
7. Kylie Fasnacht – Suz
8. Kacey Curtis – Yam
9. Victoria Pearce – Hon
10. Taylor Higgins – Hon

Kieth Johnson is now up to  200 in MotorcycleUSA Holeshot certificates.
Kieth Johnson is now up to $200 in MotorcycleUSA Holeshot certificates.

Johnny Marley cranked-out the fastest overall time on Lap 2 of Thurday’s Junior 25 Plus Class race to escape the clutches of Keith Johnson and Jon Boruff and claim first. Marley continued on to finish over 12 seconds ahead of Johnson. Borruf made an attempt to pass Jonson on Lap 3, but was unable to make it stick and settled for third. Vernon McKiddie took fourth from Josh Mast on Lap 2 , and held the position despite a strong final charge by Mast on the last lap.

Junior 25 Plus Moto 2 Results:
1. Johnny Marley – Yam
2. Keith Johnson – Kaw
3. Jon Boruff – Kaw
4. Vernon McKiddie – Hon
5. Josh Mast – Kaw
6. Jeremy Cook – Suz
7. Michael Sigmund – Kaw
8. Derek Rose – Hon
9. Jason Doyle – Hon
10. Austin Raubs – Hon

Jacob Hayes, Kyle Peters, and Joey Savatgy settled into 1st-3rd on the opening lap of the Schoolboy 1 (12-16) B/C Class Moto 2 and remained there for the remainder of the 10 Lap race. Hayes crossed the finish-line about six seconds ahead of Peters, with Peters a similar distance ahead of Savatgy. Justin Bogle overtook Bradely Frace on Lap 8 to take fourth, over 30 seconds back from Marley.

Schoolboy 1 (12-16) B/C Moto 2 Results:
1. Jacob Hayes – Kaw
2. Kyle Peters – Hon
3. Joey Savatgy – Unk
4. Justin Bogle – Kaw
5. Bradley Frace – Hon
6. Dylan Cox – Kaw
7. Jordan Booker – Ktm
8. Kyle Bitterman – Suz
9. Luke Renzland – Yam
10. Anthony Rodriguez – Yam

Doug Dubach . . . you the man. Dubach took his fourth dominant win of the week when he finished a minute and a half ahead of second-placed Earl May in Moto 2 of the Senior 45 Plus Class. Dubach set the fastest time of the race on Lap 6 of the nine lap race, a time that was a full 11 seconds faster than May’s best lap. Fred Nette brought up third followed by John Camelio. Jack Lambert, a full lap behind the speed-demon Dubach, was awarded fifth.

Senior 45 Plus Moto 2 Results:
1. Doug Dubach – Yam
2. Earl May – Kaw
3. Fred Nette – Hon
4. John Camelio – Hon
5. Jack Lambert – Yam
6. David Spizman – Hon
7. Marcus Ricketts – Kaw
8. David Kirk – Yam
9. Raymond Niebel – Kaw
10. Richard Custard Jr – Hon

Matt Tedder Sr. improved on his third-place finish in Moto 1 of the Masters 50 Plus Class with a solid Moto 2 win. Tedder overtook Gene Nighman for second on Lap 1 and then dispatched Johnny Borders on the following lap to claim the lead. Borders and Nighman were followed closely by Stephen Lapointe, and the three kept their relative positions as they continued to lose ground to Tedder, finishing about 40 seconds behind the Surfside, California rider. Tedder’s closest challenge came from Graig Pickett, who blasted past Borders, Nighman, and Lapointe through Laps 5 and 6. Pickett was able to close within 20 seconds of Tedder, but ultimately ran out of time and settled for second.

Masters 50 Plus Moto 2 Results:
1. Matt Tedder Sr – Kaw
2. Craig Pickett – Hon
3. Johnny Borders – Kaw
4. Gene Nighman – Kaw
5. Stephen Lapointe – Kaw
6. John Delgrasso – Suz
7. Donny Banks – Hon
8. Denny Swartz – Hon
9. Jeff Stetinrock – Yam
10. Danny Wirt – Hon

Christian Young, winner of Wednesday’s 250 C Modified race, jumped into the 450 C Class foray on Thursday and came out on top. Blake Barnes took his second runner-up position after a remarkable recovery from 19th on Lap 1.

Cody Boehmer led the race for the first three laps of the seven lap race. Young dropped Barnes to second on Lap 4, and then the Salem Oregon resident lost another spot to Tyler Nowlin. Nowlin soon crashed, however, allowing Boehmer to briefly recoup second. On Lap 6, Blake flew out of nowhere and grabbed second from Boehmer’s clutches. Nowlin recovered from his crash and managed to stave off a passing attempt by Brad Allison on Lap 6 to finish fourth.

450 C Moto 2 Results:
1. Christian Young – Suz
2. Blake Barnes – Kaw
3. Cody Boehmer – Hon
4. Tyler Nowlin – Yam
5. Brad Allison – Hon
6. Dillon Toomer – Kaw
7. Jacob Turbyfill – Hon
8. Michael Mcaninch – Ktm
9. Pierre-Olivier Lavigne – Hon
10. Will Posey – Hon

Les Smith was full throttle in the 250 A Pro Sport Class and crossed the line first to collect  100 bounty.
Les Smith was full throttle in the 250 A/Pro Sport Class and crossed the line first to collect $100 bounty.

By the hair on his chin, that was the margin by which Les Smith took his wire-to-wire victory in Moto 2 of the 250 A/Pro Sport Class. Moto 1 winner Blake Baggett had made his way from fifth up to second by Lap 4 of the ten lap affair. The Grand Terrance, California rider then cranked on the speed and started systematically reeling in Smith. By Lap 9 he had shaved six seconds off Smith’s gap and was within 2 seconds of the South Carolinian. On the final lap, Baggett set the fastest overall lap of the race to close within a fraction of a second of Smith, but Smith also clocked his personal best time for the race to hold onto the win. Jason Anderson passed Austin Howell on Lap 5 to hold onto third for the remainder of the race. Travis Baker made his way up from ninth to capture fifth from Ian Trettel on the penultimate lap.

250 A/Pro Sport Moto 2 Results:
1. Les Smith – Kaw
2. Blake Baggett – Kaw
3. Jason Anderson – Ktm
4. Austin Howell – Suz
5. Travis Baker – Yam
6. Ian Trettel – Suz
7. Drew Yenerich – Yam
8. Lowell Spangler – Kaw
9. Daniel Corbin – Kaw
10. Broc Schmelyun – Yam

Gannon Audette once again fended off Heath Harrison to take the Moto 2 victory in the 450 B Modified Class. Audette and Harrison rode a close race in the front throughout the race, with Harrison being separated by a faction of second on numerous occasions. However, whenever Harrison got close to Audette the Suzuki rider would crank out a phenomenally fast lap, such as the overall fastest time he clocked on Lap 4. In the end Audette crossed the finish-line four seconds ahead of Harrison after putting in two very quick final laps. Bryce Vallee finished in third (fifty seconds behind Audette), while Preston Tilford and Coby Adair rounded out the top five over a minute back.

450 B Modified Moto 2 Results:
1. Gannon Audette – Suz
2. Heath Harrison – Kaw
3. Bryce Vallee – Yam
4. Preston Tilford – Kaw
5. Coby Adair – Kaw
6. Tanner Krahenbuhl – Hon
7. Jeagher Lafountaine – Hon
8. Bogen Cochran – Kaw
9. Thomas Mudgett – Suz
10. Chad Crawford – Kaw

Blake Green bested Moto 1 winner Alexander Frye in the 85 (9-11) Modified Class on Thursday. Green and Fyre worked their ways from their respective fifth and sixth positions on Lap 1 to the front two spots by Lap 3. This time around Green was slightly faster though, and with the help of the overall fastest time of Lap 7 he was able to finish out the eight lap race over ten seconds in front of Frye. Over 25 seconds back was Mark Worth in third, followed five seconds later by Tristan Charboneau. Tristan Miller rode a stead race to clinch the fifth spot.

85 (9-11) Modified Moto 2 Results:
1. Blake Green – Kaw
2. Alexander Frye – Ktm
3. Mark Worth – Kaw
4. Tristan Charboneau – Yam
5. Tristan Miller – Suz
6. Justin Hoeft – Yam
7. Jeremy Hand – Suz
8. Mitchell Harrison – Kaw
9. Stephen Gretchen – Suz
10. Chase Marquier – Suz

Jeff Lanieu returned with a vengeance in Moto 2 of the Vet B/C 30 Plus Class after a crash in Moto 1 ruined his chances at a top five spot. This time he got out in front of the pack and maintained first for all eight laps of the race. The Syracuse New Yorker amassed an early 10 second lead over Glen Myatt when he set the overall fastest time of the race on Lap 2. Myatt was able to make up some of that ground with a strong final lap, but ultimately finished four seconds back. Michael Brewer rode right behind Myatt for the entire race to finish four second back in third. Moto 1 winner Pascal Barth finished in fourth (over 35 seconds behind Lanieu), followed by Cary Helton in fifth.

Vet B/C 30 Plus Moto 2 Results:
1. Jeff Lanieu – Kaw
2. Glen Myatt – Kaw
3. Michael Brewer – Suz
4. Pascal Barth – Yam
5. Cary Helton – Ktm
6. Robert Stevenson – Hon
7. Will Kasson – Yam
8. Randy Salamon – Hon
9. Scott Lindley – Hon
10. Jason Brown – Kaw

On lap 2, Blake Barnes powered past Jesse Pierce then Conner Elliott to put a lock on first in Moto 2 of the 250 C Stock Class. Elliot would drop another position as Pierce made a pass on Laps 3 and then mounted a charge on Barnes. Pierce ran out of time, however, and Barnes crossed the finish-line just under two seconds ahead of New Jersey rider. Elliot remained in third, ten seconds behind Barnes, followed by Bradley Denniston and Mason Collins.

250 C Stock Moto 2 Results:
1. Blake Barnes – Kaw
2. Jesse Pierce – Suz
3. Conner Elliott – Yam
4. Bradley Denniston – Hon
5. Mason Collins – Suz
6. Chris Carrillo – Hon
7. Timothy Thorn – Kaw
8. Daniel Jackson – Yam
9. Tracy Morgan – Yam
10. Sean Sattanno – Hon

In the Schoolboy 2 (14-16) B/C Class, Eli Tomac overtook Jacob Hayes on Lap 2, and then clocked the overall fastest lap of Moto 2, powering ahead of his competitors to secure another class win. Justin Bogle and Bradley Frace both passed Hayes on Lap 8 to once again take second and third behind Tomac, with Bogle about half-a-minute behind, followed by Frace another 15 seconds back. Hayes hung on to fourth while Dylan Cox rounding off the top five.

Schoolboy 2 (14-16) B/C Moto 2 Results:
1. Eli Tomac – Hon
2. Justin Bogle – Kaw
3. Bradley Frace – Hon
4. Jacob Hayes – Kaw
5. Dylan Cox – Kaw
6. Kyle Peters – Hon
7. Ryan Zimmer – Hon
8. Tony Archer – Yam
9. Justin Summers – Kaw
10. Jordan Booker – Ktm

Sean Cantrell took the Moto 2 win in the 65 (7-9) Stock Class as he added a gold to his Moto 1 bronze, while Justin Dunn once again rode to a strong second. Cantrell claimed the early lead, and then set the overall fastest time of the on Lap 2. By Lap 6 of the eight lap race Cantrell had amassed a 20 second advantage over Tanner Stack and Justin Dunn. The following lap Dunn made it past Stack and began narrowing the gap to Cantrell. But with one lap to left, the best Dunn could do was to chip away about 5 seconds. Stack carried on for third, finishing ahead of Moto 1 winner Michael Mosiman. River Hancock made his first appearance in the top five.

65 (7-9) Stock Moto 2 Results:
1. Sean Cantrell – Cob
2. Justin Dunn – Yam
3. Tanner Stack – Kaw
4. Michael Mosiman – Ktm
5. River Hancock – Ktm
6. Robbie Wageman – Ktm
7. Jordan Bailey – Ktm
8. Derek Drake – Ktm
9. Brock Papi – Cob
10. Logan Stokes – Ktm

Chase Bell and Kade Walker once again rode to first and second in the 65 (10-11) Stock Class. This time they were joined by Tommy Maxey, Joey Crown, and Jerry Robin in the top five. Bell powered past Buddy Wentworth and Kade Walker on Lap 1, and then set the overall fastest time of the race on Lap 2. The Cairo, Georgia rider continued to expand his advantage over second-placed Walker, finishing around 18 seconds ahead of the rider from Rawdon, Quebec. Maxey, Crown, and Robin climbed from their respective 5th, 7th, and 10th places on Lap 1 to finish out the top five spots.

65 (10-11) Stock Moto 2 Results:
1. Chase Bell – Kaw
2. Kade Walker – Ktm
3. Tommy Maxey – Ktm
4. Joey Crown – Ktm
5. Jerry Robin – Ktm
6. Carter Stephenson – Ktm
7. Jake Pinhancos – Ktm
8. Cameron Mcadoo – Kaw
9. Tyler Kirschner – Suz
10. Greer Marshall – Ktm

Dean Wilson, winner of both 450 A/Pro Sport Class motos, rectified his disappointing third-place finish in Moto 1 of the 250 A Class with a near start-to-finish victory in Moto 2. After flying past Brock Schmelyun for the lead on Lap 2, Wilson expanded his advantage to ten seconds by Lap 4. By then Blake Bagget, winner of the first moto in the 250 A/Pro Sport class, had blasted past Austin Howell and proceeded to track down Broc Schmelyun for second a lap later. On Lap 6, Baggett set the overall fastest time of the race, but could only shave off five seconds of Wilson’s lead by the end of the race. Two-time 450 A Class winner Justin Weeks overtook Howell at the end of Lap 5 to continue on to a third-place finish. Howel then held off the Moto 1 250 A winner Taylor Furtrell to claim fourth.

250 A Moto 2 Results:
1. Dean Wilson – Kaw
2. Blake Baggett – Kaw
3. Justin Weeks – Suz
4. Austin Howell – Suz
5. Taylor Futrell – Hon
6. Broc Schmelyun – Yam
7. Lowell Spangler – Kaw
8. Jason Anderson – Ktm
9. Joey Rossi – Ktm
10. Tyler Sjoberg – Kaw

Michael Leib slipped past Lance Vincent on Lap 1 to take the lead and eventually claim the honors in Moto 2 of the 250 B Stock Class. It would not be a runaway victory, though. Vincent remained on Leib’s tail for the next seven laps, making numerous passing attempts. Tragically, the Youngsville, Lousiana resident crashed at the end of Lap 7 after briefly taking the lead from Lieb. Vincent would finish the race in 13th. Leib had built a 20 second advantage over second-placed Grant Ransdell by Lap 7 of the ten lap affair, which easily allowed the Manifee, California rider to cruise to his second class victory. Ransdell improved on his poor Moto 1 showing to take second 14 seconds back from Leib. Jason Brooks hovered in the front of the pack throughout the race and ultimately claimed third. Gannon Audette recovered from a poor start, which left him 23rd at the end of Lap 1, to charge into fourth. Jesse Wentland also knocked off a handful of riders to round off the top five.

250 B Stock Moto 2 Results:
1. Michael Leib – Hon
2. Grant Ransdell – Yam
3. Jason Brooks – Yam
4. Gannon Audette – Suz
5. Jesse Wentland – Suz
6. Beau Hudson – Yam
7. James Justice – Kaw
8. Edward Allingham – Hon
9. Jake Loberg – Kaw
10. Brian Sjogren – Hon

A Couple AMA Women’s Motocross regulars showed up to dominate the second moto in the Women (14 Plus) Class. Sara Price and Elizabeth Bash rode to first and second in Moto 2, after respectively taking 11th and 10th in Moto 1. Price laid down a dominating wire-to-wire victory that saw her set the fastest overall time on Lap 2, and then power to a 30 second margin of victory over Bash. Meanwhile, Bash lost time as she struggled to make it past runner-up Lindsey Scheltema throughout the mid-portion of the race. Bash finally managed the feat on Lap 6, but could not gain any ground on Price. Scheltema tragically made a mistake on the last lap and dropped to 14th. Alexah Pearson made an impressive charge from 12th on Lap 1 to take the bronze-position. Tayler Miller and Leah Cantrell rounded out the top five after hovering thereabouts for the entire race.

Women (14 Plus) Moto 2 Results:
1. Sara Price – Kaw
2. Elizabeth Bash – Kaw
3. Alexah Pearson – Yam
4. Tayler Miller – Suz
5. Leah Cantrell – Suz
6. Shelbie Brittain – Kaw
7. Erica Cook – Yam
8. Rebecca Sheets – Yam
9. Sade Allender – Kaw
10. Brittney Endsley – Kaw

Matt Bisceglia claimed the Moto 2 victory in the 85 (12-13) Modified Class as he swapped finishing places with Moto 1 winner Jesse Masterpool. The Weatherford, Texas rider lead from start to finish, setting the fastest overall time on Lap 3, and ultimately crossing the finish-line 20 seconds ahead of Masterpool. Meanwhile, Masterpool struggled to hold off third-placed Adam Cianciarulo for the first four laps before relinquishing second on Lap 5. Cianciarulo then rode within 10 seconds of Bisceglia for the next two laps before crashing. The Port Orange, Florida rider recovered to take third behind Masterpool, but was apparently penalized since he was later dropped to sixth-place. Chris Alldredge, Thomas Covington, and Justin Hill rode toe-to-toe throughout the race to claim the remaining top-five results, pending Cianciarulo’s sixth-place result.

85 (12-13) Modified Moto 2 Results:
1. Matt Bisceglia – Yam
2. Jesse Masterpool – Suz
3. Chris Alldredge – Yam
4. Thomas Covington – Kaw
5. Justin Hill – Yam
6. Adam Cianciarulo – Kaw
7. Aaron Plessinger – Yam
8. Colton Ford – Ktm
9. Darian Robinson – Suz
10. Zachary Commans – Yam

Chase Bell, winner of the first two 65 (10-11) Stock Class motos, vastly improved on his Moto 1 result in the 85 (9-11) Stock Class to take his second win of the day. Blake Green led the first three laps of the race after setting the fastest overall time on Lap 2, but Bell was able to track him down on Lap 4 when Green made a mistake that cost him 12 seconds. From there out Bell continued to expand his lead over the rest of the pack, finishing the race 25 seconds ahead of Green. Stephen Gretchen claimed third after a steady ride at near the front of the field. Alexander Frye stormed up to fourth after ending Lap 1 in 28th. Hunter Hilton rounded out the top five.

85 (9-11) Stock Moto 2 Results:
1. Chase Bell – Kaw
2. Blake Green – Kaw
3. Stephen Gretchen – Suz
4. Alexander Frye – Ktm
5. Hunter Hilton – Yam
6. Kyler West – Ktm
7. Mark Worth – Kaw
8. Jeremy Hand – Suz
9. Jeremy Wilton – Yam
10. Tristan Charboneau – Yam