Indian Motorcycles Offers Cash for Clunkers

August 31, 2009
Courtesy of Indian Motorcycles
The handlebars on the 2010 Chief Roadmaster are slightly higher than its competitors while the riding position is easy-going and upright.
Indian Motorcycles is offering $3,000 for your beater bike in its own version of the Cash for Clunkers program.

Indian Motorcycles is offering its own version of the Cash for Clunkers program. The manufacturer of classic-styled V-Twin cruiser and touring motorcycles is offering a $3,000 trade-in toward the purchase of a 2009 Indian Chief. The current company, who has been working hard on resurrecting the iconic American motorcycle, is crafting majestic-looking bikes powered by a proprietary Power Plus 105 cubic inch engine. The new line of motorcycles combines vintage appeal with modern performance. Here’s what Indian has to say about its consumer relief program.

Indian Motorcycle Cash for Clunkers. Bring in your trade and Indian Motorcycle will give you an additional $3,000 towards your new 2009 Indian Chief. Visit your local dealer for more information.
*Trade in must be street legal, 100cc or larger and in running and ride-able condition. NO mopeds, scooters, or dirt bikes. Trade in must have clear title. This program cannot be used in conjunction with any other program. Indian Motorcycle reserves the right to alter or terminate this program at any time at their sole discretion and without notice.