XDL Sportbike Freestyle Round 3 Report

August 26, 2009
Courtesy of ShiftStreet.com

Alex Flores gives you the inside scoop from Round 3 of the XDL Sportbike Freestyle Championship in Irwindale, CA.

By Alex Flores,

Alex Flores pulls out all the stops at Irwindale.
Alex Flores pulls out all the stops at Irwindale.

Next Comp on the list was XDL in Irwindale. After coming up short in Nashville I knew redemption was definitely on my agenda. I arrived in So Cal Thursday night along with my fellow Shift teammate Javon DK Stevens. It was around midnight and the gates were closed at the speedway. We decided to shut the bus down and call it a night right in front of the gate, Ha, ha (the track didn’t mind).

I used to compete on the dragstrip several years ago but back then our game wasn’t as technical. I knew that the rubber on the track was going to be a huge issue. During practice I didn’t feel as confident as usual; the front tire felt like it was on ice and was only going to get worse. Regardless of the conditions, when it was time to qualify I went out and did the best I could. Some of my technical circles turned out ok but the front tire kept sliding out on stoppies. My run wasn’t very good but I still qualified for the show, even if I was all the way back in 11th! Something had to be done about my front tire so I switched from my power race to a pilot power which didn’t absorb all the rubber from the track as badly.

Saturday rolled around and the final was on the menu. I went out for practice and the changed tire felt much better! My turn to go out was up. I started my run with a 180 endo and then went into my usual circle wheelies and hitting the no handers like I run them. The front tire was hooking up, and burnouts and stoppies where banged out. I ended my run and felt really good about it! Top 5 maybe! Sure thing, when the results came in I ended up placing 4th which I was pretty happy with after such a tough start to the weekend.

I made some tire changes since then and my bike/riding is feeling good right now. I have high hopes for the next round during the MotoGP race at Indy so stay tuned for that and say hello if you’re in town for the race.