Adams Performance Team Wins at The Rock

September 10, 2009
Courtesy of Tim Hailey
“When you bring home the win for the fifth race in a row, you got to get excited about that,” said Adams Performance crew chief Garron Miller. “And it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon after setting both ends of the record.” Miller, builder/tuner Coby Adams, and rider Jeremy Teasley achieved these latest feats on the Michelin Power One-equipped, Adams Performance/Friction Unlimited Kawasaki ZX14 at the Schnitz Racing Summer Sizzler at Steve Earwood’s Rockingham Dragway August 22-23.

Jeremy Teasley and Adams Performance rockets down the quarter mile is 7.88 seconds.
Jeremy Teasley and Adams Performance rockets down the quarter mile is 7.88 seconds.

After unloading the big ZX14 from the IMMI Cargo Buckles that strap it to the floor of the Adams Performance trailer, the team changed the Vortex sprockets to leave the line a little harder. Teasley ran 8.04 to take number 1 and out-qualify HTP Performance Real Street rival Keith Thompson’s 8.08. “Saturday, we made three passes and the MPH kept going down,” said Teasley. “But we were still fast so we really didn’t worry about it.”

True enough. Teasley delivered a 7.88 knockout punch to the field in round 1 of eliminations. “Sunday morning we got to the track, made a pass for the shakedown and it didn’t go so well,” said Jeremy. “So we changed the clutches and out of nowhere I went the .88. I couldn’t even believe it when I saw the ticket.”

“When I said after Indy we would go some 7.80s, I bet everyone was thinking I was just saying it to get a reaction,” said Miller. “I like the reaction a lot better once the bike blasted off the line. Now we’ve just got to prove me right again once we go 190.”

Teasley gave up a few thousandths to Thompson at the tree in the final round but ran a .92 to take the win and back-up the record. And although it wasn’t a 190, Teasley and the ’14 took home both ends, hitting 183.05 for the MPH record as well. “Every time the bike goes out you get a chance to see the record fall again,” said Miller. “Jeremy is riding and just looking so comfortable aboard the ‘14, and his lights are better than ever. With the Marine crankshaft, JE pistons, Carrillo rods, Schnitz PNC-3000 progressive controller, K&N filter, and Motul oil, the motor seems to be making more and more power every time it goes to the line.

“And Rickey did a great job again riding the Pro Street bike,” continued Miller. That would be the 68 inch wheelbase, turbocharged Kawasaki ZX14 that superstar rider Rickey

Adams Performance and Ricky Gadsons turbo powered ZX14 with its 68 inch wheelbase manages some impressive wheelies.
With a 68″ wheel base length, the Adams Performance and Ricky Gadson’s turbo powered ZX14 manages some impressive wheelies.

Gadson rides in Orient Express Pro Street. After bringing the long ‘14 to the track for the first time at the AMA Dragbike race in Atlanta, the team has completely revamped the bike and generated a lot of speculation about the potential of the matte black Monster Energy machine. “Once we get the power delivery worked out, Rickey can stop riding those impressive wheelies. It’s good to have a rider with his talent who can control the bike no matter what it does. At least the Catalyst Racing body is holding up with all the stress. The new Galespeed wheels with Worldwide Bearings give the bike a new look and make it a little lighter. Once Rickey can finally get tucked behind the Hot Bodies windscreen, he will be making some record passes with the help of Rob Muzzy from Muzzy’s. The Michelins supplied by Richie’s Tires are also working great on all the bikes, keeping the front wheel hanging in the air past half track.

“The Kawasaki ZX14 is proving who has the better platform for a winning race bike. The other Kawasakis in Real Street—including Brian Johnson, Anibal Merced, and Blair Dickerson—are getting things together and making a run for wins also.

“We’re making a run for Real Street championships in both series, but it’s going to be tough with Keith Thompson’s HTP bike and Rickey Grayson’s headstart in the MiRock series. But there are enough races left and, with some strategy, we can pull it off. It will be fun for the fans, I guarantee it. And with the Atco AMA Dragbike race coming up and the AMA vs. MiRock race they’re running there, I guess everyone will have to wait and see what side we’ll be on! Once again we can’t think our sponsors enough for making our bikes the best in the business.”

The Adams Performance team races next at the Orient Express U.S. Nationals, September 12-13 at Atco Raceway, Atco, New Jersey, USA.