Electric Honda Cub & Scooter Set for Tokyo

September 30, 2009
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Honda EV-Cub Tokyo Motor Show concept
Honda EV-Cub Tokyo Motor Show concept
It’s already sold 65 million Cubs that burn gas. Can Honda unleash the best-selling electric vehicle of all time too?

Honda went on the record December 2008, when CEO Takeo Fukui said his company would produce an electric motorcycle in about two years time (Honda Plans for Electric Motorcycle). Now Big Red has unveiled two potential EV models – the EVE-neo scooter and EV-Cub. Both units will make their official debuts at the upcoming 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, October 24.

Honda EV-Cub

Should Honda enter the electric motorcycle market, it seems fitting that the Cub carry the charge. The most-sold vehicle in human history at 65 million and growing, the Honda Cub has already left a permanent mark on internal combustion transportation – could the Honda EV-Cub do the same in electric transportation?

The EV-Cub “electric motorcycle” will be one of the featured vehicles at the Honda Tokyo Motor Show booth in the HELLO! Zone. Standing for Honda Electric mobility Loop, the HELLO! display incorporates many facets of zero-CO2 technology. Honda describes the HELLO! Zone as: “a comprehensive display of Honda’s electromotive technologies, including automobiles, motorcycles, power products, and more-everything from products that supply electricity to products that incorporate electronic technologies. By linking solar panels that supply electricity with battery electric vehicles that emit zero CO2 in use, Honda envisions the low-carbon society of the near future. In addition, each HELLO! vehicle features interactive communication technologies that showcase the fun ways in which mobility devices can interact with people and society.”

Next to the EV-Cub will be other Honda concepts, like the FCX CLARITY hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle, EV-N battery vehicle, EV-MONPAL “personal mobility device” and the bizarre U3-X one-wheel device (for the skinny on this oddity check out the explanatory Youtube video from Honda below

Aside from being mentioned in the HELLO! display, frustratingly little information is available on the EV-Cub except some interesting photos. The new design sports Cub-like styling cues, although it looks exceptionally slim. It appears the EV-Cub may feature hub-mounted motors front and rear.

Honda EVE-neo scooter
Not as ground-breaking perhaps as its Cub sibling, the EVE-neo scooter is another all-electric design from Honda.

Honda EVE-neo Scooter

Another candidate for electric production to debut at Tokyo is the EVE-neo Honda scooter. It looks more conventional than the EV-Cub, though it’s difficult to make out many details from the photos. Honda’s explanation of the new design is terse, saying the EVE-neo scooter “achieves clean and tough performance that only an electric-powered scooter can provide.”

Also slated for display at Tokyo is the Honda PCX scooter, which features a “idling stop system,” which shuts down the IC engine at idle. As previously reported the PCX will be available in Taiwan and other Asian markets, as well as Europe and America (though the US version will not come without the headlining “idle stop” function.)

Again, details will await Honda’s release of more information. Stay tuned.