Harley-Davidson Michelin Scorcher Tire

September 11, 2009
Ian Kerr
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Harley-Davidson Michelin Scorcher Tires.
The Harley-Davidson Michelin Scorcher will come on the 2010 Harley-Davidson Dyna models and will be available in-store at Harley-Davidson dealers. Price unavailable at this time.

Tire manufacturers based in France have been feeling the economic crunch, with manufacturing plants closing and the resulting job losses as result of the world economy. This month it is better news for Michelin at least thanks to a tie-up with iconic American brand Harley Davidson.

The two companies have joined forces to develop a new tire specifically for Harley motorcycles. Called the Michelin Scorcher “31” tire, it carries both companies’ trademarks on its sidewalls and the signature Harley-Davidson logo is molded into the shoulder of the tire.

Michelin claim the new Scorcher “31” delivers superior performance in three key areas – grip, durability and handling. The first is achieved by a deep-cut tread design that improves grip and helps disperse water on wet roads and is helped by the tire’s new synthetic polymer rubber compound.

Aramid belts under the rear tread help to stabilize the contact patch, while the carcass plies are made from polyester to allow flex and help give a more comfortable ride. The new tire will apparently be original equipment on four of the 2010 Dyna models.