Honda Confirms New VFR1200F and CB1100

September 30, 2009
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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Honda has confirmed its motorcycle lineup for the upcoming 2009 Tokyo Motorcycle Show, set for October 24 – November 4. Headlining the list is official conformation of a V-4 powered sport-touring motorcycle, the VFR1200F. Also slated to debut at Tokyo is the four-cylinder, retro-styled CB1100.

Honda VFR1200F

Honda is saving the details for Tokyo, but here’s what it has said about the new VFR. First, Honda confirms it is a “sport-touring bike.” So the mysterious new VFR is not a V-4 superbike as the enigmatic V-4 concept unveiled at last year’s INTERMOT Show hinted. Also confirmed is the VFR1200F will feature Honda’s new Dual Clutch Transmission, the first such design, Honda claims, “for large-displacement sport bikes.”

For more information on the Honda Dual Clutch Transmission check out the explanatory video below.

Honda is still keeping official pics of the new bike under wraps (though intrepid readers will not have trouble finding the spy shots).

2010 Honda CB1100 Tokyo Motor Show concept.
The CB1100 takes cues from its UJM CB predecessors, but will the new Honda become a production reality?
The Honda CB1100 is a concept bike slated for the 41st Tokyo Motor Show. At least for now...

For the full details and specs of the new VFR1200F stay tuned for a complete first look report as soon as the information is available. We also have a pretty good hunch (wink) we might be riding the new VFR during an upcoming visit to Japan this October.

Honda CB1100

Honda describes the CB1100 concept’s debut at the 2009 Tokyo Show as its “world premier.” However, the design looks quite reminiscent of similar CB-themed concepts shown at previous Tokyo shows. Sourcing retro lines from its UJM CB line, the CB1100 is obviously air/oil cooled with conventional forks, side-mounted rear shocks and dual disc front brakes. Beyond visual hints, there are no other specifics except Honda’s explanation that the new CB1100 “explores the potential of the air-cooled, 4-cylinder engine while building upon the aesthetic appeal and riding taste of the generations of CBs.”

Well, the potential of the CB1100 lined up against its vintage-themed competitors (e.g. Triumph Modern Classics, Ducati SportClassics and rides like the Moto Guzzi V7) seems great. But will it become a production reality? If so, will it head to the States? Will it be a relaxed street bike, or a high-performance standard?

Looks like we’ll have to wait until Oct 24 we’ll have more questions than answers.