New MotoVentures Rider Training Center

September 30, 2009
Courtesy of MotoVentures
2009 Yamaha WR450F
MotoVentures Anza Rider Training Center offers a more unique riding experince with 300 acres of off-road adventure.

MotoVentures has just relocated their motorcycle rider training services to a great new 300-acre site located near the town of Anza, CA. on the Cahuilla Indian Reservation. MotoVentures has been operating for 10 years in several locations in SoCal in a never ending search for the best place to ride, train, and practice. MotoVentures new Anza Rider Training Center has the potential of being the best and last home for MotoVentures.

MotoVentures new Anza Rider Training Center is a private and exclusive place that is dedicated to the needs of MotoVentures customers. The large 300-acre property is one of the largest dedicated off-road rider training sites in America, not a tiny featureless dirt lot near the city and not just a flat dirt parking lot next to a motocross track. It is ideally suited for teaching beginners, novices, and intermediates all the fundamentals they need and it also features a plenty of challenging terrain for advanced riders.

The property features a huge flat area and plenty of gentle rolling terrain for teaching new riders the basics and it also has tons of natural terrain challenges like sand-washes, hill-climbs, and miles of fun dirt roads and single track trails to satisfy expert riders. One of the best features on the property is the excellent soil; a mixture of decomposing granite rocks and earth, which offers a very consistent feel, especially when wet. Even trials riders will love riding and practicing on MotoVentures countless large decomposing granite rocks, steep dirt hills and perfectly groomed natural trials sections. And last, but not least, the property also features a motocross track where students can learn and practice the skills and techniques required for racing motocross.

MotoVentures new Anza Rider Training Center is very conveniently located in the center of Southern California with easy access from all major cities and airports located there. It is easy to find right off Hwy 371, only two miles north of Anza, CA., and across the highway from the Cahuilla Creek motocross track. It is nestled in a beautiful valley with rolling hills, and lush vegetation of Oaks trees, Willow trees and large Redshank bushes. There are many great hotels and restaurants only 30-minutes away in the towns of Temecula and Idyllwild. At an elevation of approx 4,000 ft. this property enjoys great weather all year and also features beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding San Jacinto, Cahuilla, San Gorgonio, and Palomar mountain ranges.

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