Thor Motocross Flux Off-Road Gear Review

Adam Waheed | September 24, 2009
The KX250F is a nimble motorcycle on the ground or in the air as Armstrong demonstrates.
Thor’s new Flux-line of riding gear is designed specifically for the anatomy of the modern motocross racer and riding enthusiast. Pictured above is the red/white/blue Revolution colorway.

When it comes to motocross riding apparel, what’s important to you? If fit and comfort are at the top of the list then you’ll love Thor’s new line of Flux off-road motorcycle wear. The Flux line is Thor’s newest and most premium attire designed for those riders who want the best performing gear money can buy. It features a slender cut with heavy perforation designed to better fit the anatomy of a modern racer.

Flux Vented Pant

The Flux Vented Pant is constructed from a hybrid mix of both synthetic and organic materials. The first thing you notice about these pants is how short they are. This design feature reduces the amount of fabric and prevents excess material from bunching up in your boots between your ankle and calf.

Slip the pants on and you’ll notice just well they fit. Without a doubt they are designed for thinner riders, but if you’re endowed with that body type you’ll love its tailored feel. The knee panels utilize a

The Acidwaste Pant costs $169.95

spandex-like stretch material which again, minimizes the amount of fabric needed for construction. Yet there’s still plenty of room to accommodate bulky knee protection equipment. Another plus is the thick leather inner knee panels which have managed to stay intact against the repeated abuse from our knee braces. The pants fit higher around the waist and secure with a zipper and a ratchet-style plastic buckle. This completely eliminated them from sagging downward during a moto. We also appreciate that the pants fit true-to-size at the waist unlike those ridiculously expensive jeans you see at the mall.

Out on track you don’t really think about the pants but that’s a good thing. The pants never restricted our body’s movement on the bike and its minimalistic design really helps prevent things like the radiator shrouds from snagging while spinning laps. We also appreciated the pants’ cooling characteristics especially on sweltering 100-plus degree days.  

Acidwaste Jersey costs $54.95

Flux Vented Jersey

The Flux Vented Jersey is constructed from an athletic mesh-type material comparable to a football jersey. Like the pant the jersey has a very slender cut. We really like the way it fits especially in the arms where the fabric tapers as it reaches your wrists. In terms of ventilation, we’ve never experienced a jersey that breathes as good as this one. Since the fabric has a moisture wicking effect, it’s perhaps even better than not wearing a shirt at all as sweat quickly evaporates. We also valued the horizontal silicone print on the lower back part of the jersey which helps keep it from coming out when tucked into the pants. 

Flux Vented Gloves

Flux Black Glove rings in at $29.95

The Flux Vented Gloves continue the Flux-line’s minimalistic theme with a thick, yet breathable mesh construction. The palms are fabricated using a synthetic leather material designed to be both stronger and more supple than leather. It also repels water and is more resistant to staining. Silicone strips on the palms and two forefingers also provide added grip. There isn’t any excess material to bunch up and give you blisters, plus the palm offers decent padding without giving up any feel. Perhaps my favorite feature of the gloves is the elastic cuff opening which eliminates the need for a traditional Velcro closure and helps keep the gloves from sliding off your hand.

To Buy or Not to Buy?

Kudos to Thor for creating the most comfortable motocross gear I’ve ever worn. While it isn’t cheap and not exactly designed for bigger, muscular body types, for average to slender dirt bike pilots it fits perfect. Even better is its breathability on sweltering summer days. We’ve only ridden a handful of times in the gear so durability is still an unknown, but if something were to fail Thor warranties its apparel for one-year from date of purchase. Both the pants and jerseys are available in five colorways, while the gloves come in four color options. Check out the video below and see what 2009 AMA Motocross Champion Chad Reed thinks of his new Flux gear.


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