2009 ISDE Portugal Day 2 Results

October 13, 2009
By Mark Kariya
Though he rode well in the first half of the day  David Kamo would ultimately get back to the pits on the end of a tow rope after melting an ignition wire and the carb boot.
David Kamo was one of the American riders to suffer a mechanical DNF.

Day 2 of the 84th International Six Days Enduro in Figueira da Foz, Portugal, turned cruel for Team USA as well as most other countries in the form of both bike and body DNFs. The American contingent lost three riders (Club riders Ben Smith and Ryan Powell, who’d earned the C2 lead after the first day, plus Junior World Trophy team member David Kamo) with another one, World Trophy team veteran Destry Abbott, dropping in the E2 standings after crashing hard at speed in the cross test the second time around.

As a result, the World Trophy team is now sixth, with France continuing to lead over Finland and Italy. The Juniors dropped to third, with Spain now leading over France, but the French team is tantalizingly close for the Americans – less than 1.5 seconds away, with Spain just 13.2 seconds ahead of them – so the winner is anything but certain.

In the Women’s Cup standings, the U.S. trio dropped to fourth behind France, Sweden and Australia, the Aussies leading Team USA’s women only by about 35 seconds.

The biggest and most disappointing news of the day for the Americans was Kamo’s forced retirement due to a fried ignition wire and carb boot, but 4-strokes aren’t the only ones running hot. Powell’s YZ250 reportedly seized, putting an early end to his dream of winning the class and finishing high up among even the elite World Trophy team riders.

But the Americans were not alone in their grief. Great Britain’s David Knight, the E2 leader after the first day and only 4.59 seconds off of overall leader Christophe Nambotin of France, took a header into the sand early in the day and ended up going to the hospital to have a very sore neck checked out. Initial exams showed nothing major wrong so he purportedly returned to watch some of the racing.

Then there was Finland’s Juha Salminen, a solid third in E2 after Day 1. Team USA leader Kurt Caselli remembered Salminen’s woes vividly: “I caught up to him [in one of the tests], and my clutch was kind of going out a little bit in the test, then I started smelling this burning oil and I’m like, ‘Oh shoot!’

Kurt Caselli put in a more consistent day and it paid off by moving him up to in the individual overall standings to sixth  though he remains fourth in E3.
Kurt Caselli was right behind Juha Salminen when the Finn had mechanical problems of his own. It was a fortunate event for Team USA, but Portugal is proving more difficult than some expected.

“I’m looking down at my bike as I’m behind Juha and then all of a sudden, he just pulls over in the middle of the test, he pulls off to the side. So I passed him and I [smell the air] and go, ‘Oh, I guess it was his bike.’

“He said [later] the thing was just so hot it just died in the middle of the test and he pulled over. And he said he sat there for a couple minutes, then he hit the button to start it up and it started up, so he kept going, but he lost quite a bit of time in that test.”

Salminen would end up dropping 10 minutes, falling to 20th in E2, though the Finns remain firmly in second between France and Italy.

The next two days bring a new loop that includes more hardpacked terrain. That in itself should portend easier going for the engines, though it will be more technical and rocky in more places. That, however, doesn’t make it any easier for guys like Kamo who joins Dietrich on the sidelines (his first ISDE DNF in five events). Kamo said, “It’s just hard to think about. Hopefully the team still does good. I’m going to kind of babysit ‘em, get the bike back together and go out and go to some tests and point out some lines.”

Day 2 Video Recap – Produced by IGNITION3, courtesy of ISDE.TV

World Trophy Standings:
1. France, 5:43:38.66
2. Finland, 5:44:56.59
3. Italy, 5:47:04.79
4. Sweden, 5:52:42.74
5. Australia, 5:53:54.53
6. USA, 5:55:09.48

Junior Trophy Standings:
1. Spain, 3:35:58.54
2. France, 3:36:11.74
3. USA, 3:36:13.15
4. Italy, 3:38:33.39
5. Portugal, 3:41:21.05

Women’s Cup Standings:
1. France, 2:54:02.31
2. Sweden, 2:55:36.79
3. Australia, 2:59:33.83
4. USA, 3:00:08.97
5. Finland, 4:23:49.46

E1 Standings:
1. Eero Remes, FIN
2. Simone Albergoni, ITA
3. Julien Gauthier, FRA
4. Michal Szuster, POL
5. Marc Germain, FRA
10. Timmy Weigand, USA
17. Damon Huffman, USA

E2 Standings:
1. Rodrig Thain, FRA
2. Luis Correia, POR
3. Joakim Ljunggren, SWE
4. Alessandro Belometti, ITA
5. Carl Sjoo, SWE
15. Destry Abbott, USA
DNF: Ricky Dietrich, USA

E3 Standings:
1. Samuli Aro, FIN
2. Chrisophe Nambotin, FRA
3. Antoine Meo, FRA
4. Kurt Caselli, USA
5. Alex Salvini, ITA
13. Nathan Kanney, USA

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