2009 ISDE Portugal Day 3 Results

October 14, 2009
By Mark Kariya
Rory Sullivan - 2009 ISDE Racing
Day 3 was filled with interesting single track and hellish sand whoops. Here Rory Sullivan works down a tricky descent.

Team USA maintained position in the three major categories of the 84th Maxxis FIM International Six Days Enduro in Figueira da Foz, Portugal, though several individual riders lost time. France remains the leader in World Trophy and Women’s Cup, with the U.S. still sixth and fourth, respectively, while Spain held its lead in Junior World Trophy where the Americans clung to third.

While no Americans DNFed the third day, other countries did have problems, the most high profile elimination being Finland’s Juha Salminen. After overheating his bike on Day 2, he rolled up to the starting line this morning and when the green flag waved for his row, he pressed the starter button as normal. What happened next, however, was decidedly abnormal. Instead of a purring engine, Salminen and the crowd watched in disbelief as his engine let go and dumped some vital fluids through newly created orifices. The Finns are now down to five men, like the U.S., though they are still solidly in third behind France and Italy.

After a day of good tests, Cory Buttrick got docked a minute for checking in too late at the end of the day with the ever-improving U.S. Junior World Trophy team newcomer insisting he had a few seconds to spare and that the discrepancy was due to the timekeeping crew’s hastily scribbled and barely legible numbers. That added another minute to the team’s score, of course, though both the Spanish leaders and the French in second posted consistently faster scores for the day. If that’s an indication of the scores they’ll post in the last half of the race, it’s unlikely that the American team will be able to overhaul either of them, barring a meltdown.

Buttrick  Hall and Smith - 2009 ISDE Racing
Cory Buttrick (left) gets some help trying to figure out where the timekeeping went wrong.

Among the American women, Lacey Jones lost time but counted herself lucky to simply survive the day after she got out of shape in a long sand whoop section and hit a concrete road marker. The collision broke the entire front brake caliper assembly off her bike, and she was unable to beg a replacement from anyone so she rode the last half of the day without a front brake.

“The last half of the day was exciting,” she laughed. “I only hit one or two trees [after that] and went off the road once.

“I just slowed down; I lost another five minutes is what happened because of that, but still, that’s not too bad.”

Day 3 Video Recap – Produced by IGNITION3, courtesy of ISDE.TV

World Trophy Standings:
1. France, 8:27:15.90
2. Italy, 8:31:49.49
3. Finland, 8:32:21.24
4. Australia, 8:40:37.94
5. Sweden, 8:41:23.03
6. USA, 8:43:40.08

Junior Trophy Standings:
1. Spain, 5:16:50.32
2. France, 5:17:05.80
3. USA, 5:19:23.70
4. Italy, 5:20:42.51
5. Sweden, 5:26:07.27

Women’s Cup Standings:
1. France, 4:11:19.68
2. Sweden, 4:17:17.81
3. Australia, 4:21:20.00
4. USA, 4:21:58.71
5. Finland, 6:51:07.35

E1 Standings:
1. Eero Remes, FIN
2. Simone albergoni, ITA
3. Julien Gauthier, FRA
4. Michal Szuster, POL
5. Fabio Mossini, ITA
9. Timmy Weigand, USA
21. Damon Huffman, USA

E2 Standings:
1. Rodrig Thain, FRA
2. Luis Correia, POR
3. Cristobal Guerrero, ESP
4. Alessandro Belometti, ITA
5. Joakim Ljunggren, SWE
15. Destry Abbott, USA
DNF: Ricky Dietrich, USA

E3 Standings:
1. Christophe Nambotin, FRA
2. Antoine Meo, FRA
3. Samuli Aro, FIN
4. Kurt Caselli, USA
5. Alex Salvini, ITA
13. Nathan Kanney, USA