2009 Motocross of Nations Press Conference

October 4, 2009
By Steve Bruhn
Here’s what Team USA had to say about their win at this year’s Red Bull
Motocross of Nations:

Ryan Dungey celebrates on the podium with a burnout.
Ryan Dungey celebrates on the podium with a burnout.
Youthstreams crowd estimate was 35 000 for Saturday  which they said was a record. Its possible the event will even have to close the gate sometime Sunday because it may attract more people than it can accomodate.
The packed crowds watched as Team USA claimed its fifth consecutive title in the MXoN.

Jake Wiemer had one “scratch” moto, the second race, and was seventh in the first race, but it was enough to put Team USA in the lead after one race. At the post-race press conference, he gave his teammates credit and talked about the people that doubted this team selection.

“I’m just thankful for my teammates,” he said, “both of them rode amazing. We were just laughing that a lot of people at home were bummed and said we sent a B-team over here. The B-team just won.”

Tedesco rode hard to keep Philippaerts away in his first moto (Race 2) and still got passed at the end.

“I was tired going into that second moto, I’m not going to lie,” he said, “I got taken out that first lap and had to dig deep. Ryan pulled a win off and clinched the deal for us. Some other guys had bad luck. Like Jake said, it doesn’t matter how we won it, we won it again for the fifth time in a row.”

Tedesco spoke about the experience of being on Team USA for the third time: “There is nothing like it,” he said, “I love coming over here. He fans are amazing. They love racing and they go crazy. I love this race. It’s crazy and when you win it always makes it better.”

Ryan Dungey spent a couple weeks getting ready to race a 450 and it paid off.

“It’s been a dream to come over here and a great opportunity to be a part of it, let alone win it,” he said, “everyone tells you what it’s like but when you get here, it’s still amazing. We thought the track looked a little sketchy at the track walk but it turned out really good.”

Overall Point Standings:
1. USA, 22
2. France, 30
3. Belgium, 39
4 Germany, 55
5 Great Britain, 55
6 Italy, 59
7 Australia, 73
8 Estonia, 78
9 Republic of South Africa, 84
10 Switzerland, 88
11 New Zealand, 89
12 Spain, 92
13. Portugal, 112
14. Brazil, 122
15. Denmark, 123
16. Republic of Ireland, 126
17. Latvia, 130
18. The Netherlands, 133
19. Sweden, 143
20. Finland, 92

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