British Superbike Oulton Park Results

October 12, 2009
JC Hilderbrand
Melody DeKorte
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Airwaves Yamaha’s Leon Camier may have already won the 2009 British Superbike Championship title, but the racing action was still running full-tilt this weekend at the final round held in Oulton Park with second-place still up in air between Stuart Easton and Camier’s teammate, James Ellison. Two out of the three races required restarts after crashes and then hard fought battles ensued.

Race 1:

Hydrex Hondas Stuart Easton won the pole position start for the final round of the 2009 British Superbike season.
In typical fashion, Stuart Easton grabbed an early lead only to lose it when teammate Harris crashed and the race was restarted.

Hydrex Honda’s Easton won the pole start with 2009 British Superbike champion Camier alongside on his Airwaves Yamaha in second. Easton grabbed holeshot but it was a short race as teammate Karl Harris crashed out and the red flag was displayed. On the restart, Camier had moved to third on the grid with fellow Airwaves Yamaha rider Ellison rounding out the front row. Ellison made the leap and got out in front, but Easton would take the lead followed by Camier. The title contenders then got involved in a game of cat and mouse before Easton made a pass on the final lap and took the checkers ahead of Camier with Tommy Hill, Hydrex Honda, in third and Ellison in fourth. Worx Crescent Suzuki’s Sylvain Guintoli finished in fifth.

Race 1 Results:
1. Stuart Easton (Hydrex Honda) 19m 21.434secs
2. Leon Camier (Airwaves Yamaha) +0.208s
3. Tommy Hill (Hydrex Honda) +0.222s
4. James Ellison (Airwaves Yamaha) +0.331s
5. Sylvain Guintoli (Worx Crescent Suzuki) +13.129s
6. Simon Andrews (MSS Colchester Kawasaki) +13.129s
7. Julien Da Costa (MSS Colchester Kawasaki) +13.599s
8. Ian Lowry (Relentless Suzuki by TAS) +13.837s
9. Chris Walker (Motorpoint/Henderson Yamaha) +14.771s
10. John Laverty (Buildbase Kawasaki) +14.815s
James Hillier (Buildbase Kawasaki) 10 laps completed
Alastair Seeley (Relentless Suzuki) 9 laps completed
Karl Harris (SMT Honda) 3 laps completed
Graeme Gowland (Motorpoint/Henderson Yamaha) 1 lap completed
Josh Brookes (HM Plant Honda) 0 laps completed

Race 2:

Leon Camier won two out of three races this weekend with his Airwaves Yamaha R1.
Hydrex Honda’s Stuart Easton (3) sandwiched himself in between the Airwaves Yamaha team of Leon Camier (2) and James Ellison.

Both Airwaves Yamaha riders jumped out at the beginning of the race. Ellison led the race before Camier and Easton relieved Ellison of the lead three-quarters of the way into the race, but the young Camier snatched victory away from the Flying Scot . Ellison ran ahead of Hill with Guintoli and Buildbase Kawasaki’s John Laverty crossing the line behind the top-four.

Race 2 Results:
1. Leon Camier (Airwaves Yamaha) 26m 17.122s
2. Stuart Easton (Hydrex Honda) +0.080s
3. James Ellison (Airwaves Yamaha) +0.743s
4. Tommy Hill (Hydrex Honda) +1.953s
5. Sylvain Guintoli (Worx Crescent Suzuki) +4.042s
6. John Laverty (Buildbase Kawasaki) +7.721s
7. Josh Brookes (HM Plant Honda) +8.092s
8. Michael Rutter (Bathams Ducati) +12.441s
9. Simon Andrews (MSS Colchester Kawasaki) +15.175s
10. Glen Richards (HM Plant Honda) +15.328s
Ian Lowry (Relentless Suzuki) 9 laps completed
Julien Da Costa (MSS Colchester Kawasaki) 7 laps completed
Michael Howarth (JHS MV Agusta) 5 laps completed
Peter Hickman (Ultimate Yamaha) 5 laps completed
Aaron Zanotti (Red Viper Honda) 0 laps completed
Karl Harris (SMT Honda)

Race 3:
At the start of Race 3, MSS Colchester Kawasaki’s Simon Andrews and Alastair Seeley, Relentless Suzuki, crashed sending up the red flag. Andrews suffered a concussion but Seeley returned to the race. When it was restarted, Hill shot out taking the lead momentarily ahead of Easton and Camier. Camier passed Easton and then Hill running out in front for the remainder of the race leaving Hill in second. HM Honda’s Josh Brookes, who claimed his 10th podium finish for the season, got third in front of Relentless Suzuki’s Ian Lowry and Guintoli. Ellison, who suffered a mechanical issue, finished 12th and Easton clipped a curb and crashed out.

After the final race of the season Leon said, “It’s been an

The Airwaves Yamaha team celebrate their victories this weekend.
A win in Race 3 and Airwaves Yamaha’s Leon Camier celebrated his championship win of the 2009 season.

absolutely awesome year. To end with a double-win is perfect. The GSE Racing team have done an incredible job all season. I’d like to say a special thanks to my Chief Engineer Frankie. He gave me such a great bike for the last race. I wasn’t sure if it was the right way to go, but he was so confident I couldn’t say no – it’s a good job I didn’t!”

Pleased with claiming second in the Championship, James said, “We’ve had a tough few races this weekend. I really wanted to come away with another couple of wins but it wasn’t to be. This has been my most successful season ever; finishing second feels good, but of course I’ll be aiming for more next year. A massive thanks to the whole GSE Racing team, my wife Sarah for putting up with me, and the Kendal Massive for their support.”

Tommy Hill said: “That was a great way for me to end the season and I am just over the moon to be back on the podium again. It was mega having three chances this weekend and it is fantastic for me to end the year like this as it all started so bad. I want to come back next year and really challenge for the championship and I need to thank the teams this season that have given me the chance to put myself back on the map. I definitely feel it has been job done this weekend and now we have to look forward to 2010!”

Brookes said: “That was a horrible race really as I rode really hard but just couldn’t close the gap and make the ground up on the guys ahead of me but it is still good for me to finish on the podium finally this weekend. I was considering suicide after the first two races as honestly I was so disappointed not to get on the podium. I promise from now on I won’t complain about finishing third as it was the end of the world for me not to have been on the podium before the final race this weekend. I definitely want to come back next year and I want to have another interesting year but hopefully for all the right reasons.”

Race 3 Results:
1. Leon Camier (Airwaves Yamaha) 19m 17.097secs
2. Tommy Hill (Hydrex Honda) +3.734s
3. Josh Brookes (HM Plant Honda) +10.904s
4. Ian Lowry (Relentless Suzuki by TAS) +15.398s
5. Sylvain Guintoli (Worx Crescent Suzuki) +15.707s
6. Julien Da Costa (MSS Colchester Kawasaki) +20.009s
7. Chris Walker (Motorpoint/Henderson Yamaha) +20.967s
8. Glen Richards (HM Plant Honda) +24.402s
9. Tommy Bridewell (Team NB Suzuki) +25.830s
10. Gary Mason (Quay Garage Honda) +26.012s
John Laverty (Buildbase Kawasaki) 9 laps completed
James Hillier (Buildbase Kawasaki) 5 laps completed
Stuart Easton (Hydrex Honda) 4 laps completed
Michael Howarth (JHS MV Agusta) 1 lap completed
Michael Rutter (Bathams Ducati) 0 laps completed

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