Cosmos 2RWF and 4RWF V8 Muscle Bikes

October 21, 2009
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Cosmos 2RWF and 4RWF
Amadeu Ferreira is thinking big. V8 engine big. Both of his Cosmos Muscle Bike creations source a ZZ4 Crate Engine with a claimed 350 horsepower.

Who says the ‘bigger is better’ days are gone? Somebody forgot to tell Brazilian Amadeu Ferreira, Jr., who is using a 350 cubic-inch powerplant in two wildly styled creations called the 2RWF and the 4RWF. These behemoths aren’t for the timid or meek, as a ZZ4 Crate Engine with a claimed 350 hp is mounted between the frame rails of an 8.2-foot long streetfighter. I’d like to see our resident street demon Adam wheelie this sucker!

With its dual headlights and naked design, the 2RWF looks like a Street Triple on steroids. It’s got 17-inch wheels wrapped in thick chunks of black rubber. It’s crazy to see four pipes jutting off of each side of the engine block and exiting into single undertail cans. The mondo fan on the front isn’t the little box fan you’ll find on other bikes, either, not with eight pistons pumping. Check out the crazy riding position in the video below as the rider stretches as far as he can to reach the handlebars  
He also created a revolutionary four-wheeled concept with hub steering called Cosmos 4RWF. The front end has two wheels placed close together with each fork arm connected to a hub steering system. Though the wheels are mounted independently, they are still designed to work in unison. The 4RWF has a front fairing that looks like it was created by James Bond’s Q branch. The quadracycle sources a fuel-injected, 350 cubic-inch ZZ4 Crate Engine mated to a three-

Cosmos V8 Muscle Bike
Tell me this doesn’t look like something you’d see in a James Bond movie!

speed transmission that includes a reverse gear. The 4RWF has two 17-inch wheels on the backside as well mounted close together like the arrangement on the front. In the brief video clip provided, the 4RWF’s straight-line ability is demonstrated but it doesn’t show it taking on any turns so whether it pivots side-to-side like a motorcycle is unknown.

Cosmos Muscle Bikes were born out of what Ferreira perceived as an open niche, riders who appreciate a high-powered V8 motorcycle that don’t have the jaded styling of a Boss Hoss. Each bike will be numbered and production is limited to ensure exclusivity of ownership. They are built to the dimensions of the rider based on their physical characteristics. Cosmos offers customers the opportunity to visit the shop after 15 days to evaluate the progress of the build.

After developing and building V8 projects to help some friends, mechanical engineer Amadeu Ferreira, Jr. decided to build a V8 motorcycle himself. Ferreira realizes these motorcycles aren’t for everybody, but is confident that there is still a market for them. According to a press release issued by Cosmos, “They are motorcycles of high power, conceived

Cosmos Muscle Bike 2RWF
The 2RWF isn’t for the feint of heart. But Ferreira, Jr. is confident that there’s a few macho types out there with big wallets that his V8-powered motorcycle will cater to.

with a high standard of trustworthiness and quality. The Cosmos team has found a balance between traditional style and a view of the future in its products. The bikes are manufactured with three main qualities: beauty, robustness and technology. Maximum power for those who do not run away from challenges.”


Engine: Fuel injected ZZ4 Crate Engine 350CI 355HP HO
Horsepower: 350hp @ 5250 RPM
Transmission: 3 gears, reverse
Chassis: Monoblock
Wheels: Front 17″; rear 17″
Brakes: front dual discs / rear single disc
Front – telescopic
Rear – single piece
Wheel Base: 2.0m
Frame : 0.70m
Overall Length : 2.50m
Seat Height: 0.60m
Tank: 16 liters
Dry Weight : 420 kg


Engine: Fuel-injected ZZ4 Crate Engine 350CI 355HP HO
Horsepower: 350hp @ 5250 RPM
Transmission: 3 gears, reverse
Chassis : Monoblock
Wheels: Front 2 x 17″; rear 2 x 17″
Brakes: front dual discs / rear single disc
Front -02 pieces
Rear – 02 pieces
Wheel Base: 2.03m
Frame : 0.90m
Overall Length : 2.60m
Seat Height: 0.70m
Tank: 22 liters
Dry Weight : 475 kg

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