FIM Supermoto Busca Results

October 26, 2009
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Ivan Lazzarini pulled off a stunning win at his home round in Ottobiano, storming to second in the Championship behind leader Van Den Bosch. The latter was third on Ottobiano’s podium behind Thomas Chareyre.

Adrien Chareyre was back to victory but did not manage to secure his third World Title by just four points. Delepine was second on the podium and moved up to second in the Championship as well while Burkhart completed the podium at his maiden GP appearance. Gozzini instead was disqualified in heat one after a crash and slipped to third in the Championship.

Andrien Chareyre missed claiming the World Title this weekend by only 4 points.
Adrien Chareyre had hoped to seal up the World Championship title, but missed it by only four points.

Karanyotov moved one step closer to his maiden S3 Title after winning this penultimate round. Monticelli got back the red plate in the Open class as Animento won the overall.

S1-S2 RACE 1

After taking his first Superpole of the season, HM Honda Racing’s Ivan Lazzarini dominated the first moto from the start to the finish flag. The Italian, who dedicated his second heat win of the season to his grandmother (who recently passed away), holeshotted the first corner and kept the Chareyre duo behind for the whole race.

Thomas Chareyre, exploiting a mistake of VDB at the sky section to take third, was an eventual second after his brother Adrien let him by. The team play in between the Husqvarna CH Racing representatives was possible as Adrien was enjoying a safe advantage over second placed S2 rider Delepine, who crossed the finish line in eighth.

Adrien Chareyre settled for third ahead of S1 series leader Van Den Bosch, starting from second on the grid but struggling to keep the pace of the leading trio. In the other hand the French could keep a strong Seel behind in fifth, pulling away from the hard charging Belgian in the second half of the heat.

Verderosa was sixth ahead of Beltrami and Delepine, being the second best S2 Superider ahead of Gaspardone.

It was a tough opening moto for Gozzini, being disqualified for receiving outside assistance after a crash. The Italian was holding third behind Adrien Chareyre when he fell and after restarting the bike he finished outside the top ten.

Lazzarini topped the S1 standings ahead of Thomas Chareyre and VDB, while Adrien Chareyre topped the S2 standings from Delepine and Gaspardone.

S1 podium - Lombardia
S1 Podium at Lombardia – Ivan Lazzarini, Thomas Chareyre and Thierry van den Bosch.

S1 Race 1 top ten:
1. Ivan Lazzarini (Honda) 20:36.797
2. Thomas Chareyre (Husqvarna) +0:04.272
3. Thierry van den Bosch (KTM) +0:09.238
4. Eddy Seel (Suzuki) +0:11.540
5. Massimo Verderosa (Honda) +0:16.844
6. Massimo Beltrami (Aprilia) +0:25.144
7. Christian Ravaglia (Aprilia) +0:32.506
8. Mauno Hermunen (Husqvarna) +0:33.556
9. Matthew Winstanley (Husqvarna) +0:36.124
10. Giovanni Bussei (Honda) +0:37.646

S2 Race 1 top ten:
1. Adrien Chareyre (Husqvarna) 20:43.272
2. Gérald Delepine (Husqvarna) +0:17.854
3. Paolo Gaspardone (Honda) +0:20.391
4. Edgardo Borella (KTM) +0:30.379
5. Mark Burkhart (KTM) +0:31.795
6. Alessandro Tognaccini (Aprilia) +0:49.632
7. Fabrizio Bartolini (Husqvarna) +0:50.432
8. Lionel Deridder (KTM) +0:50.906
9. Andrea Occhini (KTM) +0:57.634
10. Ales Hlad (Aprilia) -1 lap(s)

S1-S2 RACE 2

Lazzarini of HM Honda Racing took another great start to

Ivan Lazzarini won the home round of the FIM Supermoto taking second in the points fight.
Ivan Lazzarini won the home round of the FIM Supermoto taking second in the points fight.

lead the pack into the first corner, followed by Thomas Chareyre. Delepine got a good start while VDB was forced to recover from the back of the group.

Later on Lazzarini pulled away from the rest of the field while Husqvarna CH Racing’s Thomas Chareyre settled for second.

This time out 747 Motorsport TM Factory Racing’s Gozzini made up for the first heat with a third place finish-first in the S2- defending his spot from Delepine and Adrien Chareyre. Delepine actually went down at the sky section while trying an attack on the Italian. That handed Chareyre the fourth place ahead of Van Den Bosch, Seel and Delepine.

Gaspardone was on route to his maiden podium but a mechanical failure caused the Italian a disappointing DNF.

Taking another fifth place in the S2 class Burkhart brought his Motoracing KTM on the overall podium at their maiden appearance in the GP scene.

Lazzarini climbed on top of the S1 podium for the second time this year ahead of Thomas Chareyre, ending a winning streak of three GP’s, and Van Den Bosch retaining the red plate.

Adrien Chareyre was back to victory and increased his advantage in the S2 series to 46 points. Delepine was second, with the podium result bringing also the second place in the Championship, while Burkhart completed the top three overall. Gozzini instead missed the podium for the first time this year and dropped to third in the Championship.

S2 Podium - Adrien Chareyre  Gerlad Delepine  and Davide Gozzini
Husqvarna has to be proud since they captured two spots on the podium.

S1 Race 2 top-ten:
1. Ivan Lazzarini (Honda) 20:31.629
2. Thomas Chareyre (Husqvarna) +0:00.705
3. Thierry van den Bosch (KTM) +0:19.737
4. Eddy Seel (Suzuki) +0:20.044
5. Christian Ravaglia (Aprilia) +0:25.448
6. Massimo Verderosa (Honda) +0:26.403
7. Mauno Hermunen (Husqvarna) +0:31.612
8. Massimo Beltrami (Aprilia) +0:40.615
9. Matthew Winstanley (Husqvarna) +0:44.081
10. Giovanni Bussei (Honda) +0:46.414

S1 Overall top-ten:
1. Ivan Lazzarini (Honda) 50 points
2. Thomas Chareyre (Husqvarna) 44 points
3. Thierry van den Bosch (KTM) 40 points
4. Eddy Seel (Suzuki) 36 points
5. Massimo Verderosa (Honda) 31 points
6. Christian Ravaglia (Aprilia) 30 points
7. Massimo Beltrami (Aprilia) 28 points
8. Mauno Hermunen (Husqvarna) 27 points
9. Matthew Winstanley (Husqvarna) 24 points
10. Giovanni Bussei (Honda) 22 points

S1 Championship top-ten:
1. Thierry van den Bosch (KTM) 232 points
2. Ivan Lazzarini (Honda) 213 points
3. Thomas Chareyre (Husqvarna) 211 points
4. Mauno Hermunen (Husqvarna) 201 points
5. Eddy Seel (Suzuki) 172 points
6. Giovanni Bussei (Honda) 136 points
7. Alex Serafini (KTM) 106 points
8. Matthew Winstanley (Husqvarna) 105 points
9. Christian Ravaglia (Aprilia) 87 points
10. Massimo Beltrami (Aprilia) 86 points

S1 Manufacturers:
1. Husqvarna 254 points
2. KTM 232 points
3. Honda 219 points
4. Suzuki 172 points
5. Aprilia 105 points
6. KTM 87 points
7. Kawasaki 25 points
8. Gas Gas 11 points

Part of the action packed weekend included a Freestyle MX show.
Part of the action packed weekend included a Freestyle MX show.

S2 Race 2 top-ten:
1. Davide Gozzini (KTM) 20:44.194
2. Adrien Chareyre (Husqvarna) +0:06.160
3. Gérald Delepine (Husqvarna) +0:08.036
4. Andrea Occhini (KTM) +0:14.427
5. Mark Burkhart (KTM) +0:33.273
6. Lionel Deridder (KTM) +0:38.297
7. Fabrizio Bartolini (Husqvarna) +0:39.731
8. Edgardo Borella (KTM) +0:43.360
9. Ales Hlad (Aprilia) -1 lap(s)
10. Alessandro Tognaccini (Aprilia) -1 lap(s)

S2 Overall top-ten:
1. Adrien Chareyre (Husqvarna) 47 points
2. Gérald Delepine (Husqvarna) 42 points
3. Mark Burkhart (KTM) 32 points
4. Edgardo Borella (KTM) 31 points
5. Andrea Occhini (KTM) 30 points
6. Paolo Gaspardone (Honda) 30 points
7. Lionel Deridder (KTM) 28 points
8. Fabrizio Bartolini (Husqvarna) 28 points
9. Alessandro Tognaccini (Aprilia) 26 points
10. Davide Gozzini (KTM) 25 points

S2 Championship top-ten:
1. Adrien Chareyre (Husqvarna) 262 points
2. Gérald Delepine (Husqvarna) 216 points
3. Davide Gozzini (KTM) 213 points
4. Paolo Gaspardone (Honda) 173 points
5. Edgardo Borella (KTM) 161 points
6. Fabrizio Bartolini (Husqvarna) 127 points
7. Ales Hlad (Aprilia) 112 points
8. Andrea Occhini (KTM) 104 points
9. Lionel Deridder (KTM) 104 points
10. Lorenzo Mariani (KTM) 99 points

S2 Manufacturers:
1. Husqvarna 266 points
2. KTM 229 points
3. KTM 182 points
4. Aprilia 157 points
5. Honda 127 points
6. WRM 42 points


Round six of the Open and S3 UEM SuperMoto European Championships got underway at Ottobiano this weekend.

Winning this penultimate round, Karanyotov made a step closer to his maiden European Title. The Bulgarian is now 48 points in front of Janina Wuerterle, second on today’s podium ahead of brother Kevin.

A dramatic Open class round handed the red plate back to Monticelli after previous leader Porfiri struggled in both heats, ending fifth overall. Animento took the overall courtesy of two second place finishes while Monticelli gained the red plate with victory in heat two-he was second overall. Sconfietti made his first podium appearance in third while heat one winner Dall’Era crashed in heat two and was taken to the hospital for a further check to the spleen.

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