FIM Supermoto Greece Results

October 19, 2009
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Thomas Chareyre made it to his third consecutive GP win and even moved up to third in the S1 Championship, rounding off a solid weekend in Greece. Husqvarna fellow rider Delepine instead took his first season’s win in the S2 class.

Ivan Lazzarini graced the podium in the S1 class at Greece.
Ivan Lazzarini graced the podium during the S1 class at the Grand Prix of Greece.

Lazzarini and Hiemer completed the S1 podium, with the latter being at his GP return after a severe injury. Championship leader VDB (fifth) and Hermunen (sixth) instead missed the podium for their first time this year.

Gozzini took second overall in the S2 but failed on making up ground on series leader Adrien Chareyre, taking third overall with the same amount of points as the Italian.

Massimiliano Porfiri won and snatched the Open class red plate from Monticelli. In the S3 series Karanyotov won the overall despite Janina Wuerterle won heat one.

S1-S2 RACE 1

Starting from first on the grid after winning Superpole in the morning, Thomas Chareyre again took the holeshot to lead the hungry group into the first corner. The Frenchman of Husqvarna CH Racing made sure to escape from a group tangle at the entrance of the sky section starting with the crash of Hiemer, being then hit by Gozzini. The two fell on the ground, blocking the entrance to the sky section to all riders on the inside, including Lazzarini.

That let Adrien Chareyre join his brother Thomas at the lead, with Hermunen and Delepine following as all three went by the outside of the crash. The Husqvarna parade remained in place until Hermunen went down at the turn leading into the start straight. The Finn restarted but another crash took him out of the top ten.

Thomas and Adrien Chareyre took first and second followed by Delepine while SBD Racing’s Bussei kept behind a dangerous Lazzarini – the Italian of HM Honda Racing had worked his way up to fifth. Van Den Bosch and Gaspardone followed.

The S1 classification saw Thomas Chareyre take first from Bussei and Lazzarini, while Adrien Chareyre topped the S2 ahead of Delepine and Gaspardone.

Returning to GP this weekend after suffering a severe injury was Bernd Hiemer.
Returning to GP this weekend after suffering a severe injury was Bernd Hiemer.

S1 Race 1 top-ten:
1. Thomas Chareyre (Husqvarna) 19:22.433
2. Giovanni Bussei (Honda) +0:11.198
3. Ivan Lazzarini (Honda) +0:11.770
4. Thierry van den Bosch (TM) +0:13.018
5. Bernd Hiemer (KTM) +0:15.113
6. Matthew Winstanley (Husqvarna) +0:29.288
7. Eddy Seel (Suzuki) +0:31.698
8. Viktor Bolsec (Honda) +0:32.088
9. Alex Serafini (TM) +0:35.140
10. Mauno Hermunen (Husqvarna) +0:38.205

S2 Race 1 top-ten:
1. Adrien Chareyre (Husqvarna) 19:29.559
2. Gérald Delepine (Husqvarna) +0:03.496
3. Paolo Gaspardone (Honda) +0:09.423
4. Davide Gozzini (TM) +0:13.922
5. Fabrizio Bartolini (Husqvarna) +0:16.038
6. Edgardo Borella (KTM) +0:16.580
7. Alexander Georgiev (KTM) +0:32.062
8. Nastran Uros (Husqvarna) +0:37.293
9. Andrea Occhini (TM) +0:39.847
10. Ales Hlad (Aprilia) +0:56.093

S1-S2 RACE 2

Start of the S2 class race at the Grand Prix of Greece.
Start of the S2 class race with Thomas Chareyre taking an early lead.

Thomas Chareyre of Husqvarna CH Racing took another great start and holeshotted turn one ahead of Lazzarini and Gozzini. This time out everything went well at the entrance to the sky section but later on Gozzini moved past HM Honda Racing’s Lazzarini on the start straight, taking second and chasing Chareyre for first.

747 Motorsport TM Factory Racing’s Gozzini put pressure on the rock solid French who defended the top spot and eventually finished ahead of Gozzini.

Lazzarini was set on a third place finish but Hiemer’s move at two laps to go dropped him down to fourth behind the German of KTM Italia Miglio.

Hermunen settled for fifth after trying to find a way past Lazzarini but left VDB behind in sixth. Delepine instead put together a steady race finishing eighth but securing the S2 overall win.

It was a troubled race for Adrien Chareyre, tangling up with Bartolini and going down at the sky section.

In the separate S1 standings Thomas Chareyre went one-one to take another overall win ahead of Lazzarini, who was third twice. Hiemer made it to the podium courtesy of fifth and second. Bussei was fourth ahead of VDB and Hermunen.
In the S2 class Delepine secured the overall courtesy of two second place finishes. Gozzini ended in second courtesy of one fourth and a win in the final heat while Adrien Chareyre completed the podium.

S1 Race 2 top-ten:
1. Thomas Chareyre (Husqvarna) 19:21.024
2. Bernd Hiemer (KTM) +0:08.003
3. Ivan Lazzarini (Honda) +0:08.706
4. Mauno Hermunen (Husqvarna) +0:08.858
5. Thierry van den Bosch (TM) +0:18.511
6. Giovanni Bussei (Honda) +0:20.896
7. Viktor Bolsec (Honda) +0:38.409
8. Matthew Winstanley (Husqvarna) +0:38.590
9. Alex Serafini (TM) +0:38.933
10. Eddy Seel (Suzuki) +0:44.494

S1 Overall top-ten:
1. Thomas Chareyre (Husqvarna) 50 points
2. Ivan Lazzarini (Honda) 40 points
3. Bernd Hiemer (KTM) 38 points
4. Giovanni Bussei (Honda) 37 points
5. Thierry van den Bosch (TM) 34 points
6. Mauno Hermunen (Husqvarna) 29 points
7. Matthew Winstanley (Husqvarna) 28 points
8. Viktor Bolsec (Honda) 27 points
9. Eddy Seel (Suzuki) 25 points
10. Alex Serafini (TM) 24 points

The intense racing action brings out the smile on everyone.
The intense racing action brings out the smile on everyone.

S1 Championship top-ten:
1. Thierry van den Bosch (TM) 192 points
2. Mauno Hermunen (Husqvarna) 174 points
3. Thomas Chareyre (Husqvarna) 167 points
4. Ivan Lazzarini (Honda) 163 points
5. Eddy Seel (Suzuki) 136 points
6. Giovanni Bussei (Honda) 114 points
7. Alex Serafini (TM) 90 points
8. Matthew Winstanley (Husqvarna) 81 points
9. Massimo Beltrami (Aprilia) 58 points
10. Christian Ravaglia (Aprilia) 57 points

S1 Manufacturers:
1. Husqvarna 210 points
2. TM 192 points
3. Honda 169 points
4. Suzuki 136 points
5. KTM 87 points
6. Aprilia 74 points
7. Kawasaki 25 points
8. Gas Gas 11 points

S2 Race 2 top-ten:
1. Davide Gozzini (TM) 19:24.138
2. Gérald Delepine (Husqvarna) +0:18.149
3. Paolo Gaspardone (Honda) +0:20.521
4. Adrien Chareyre (Husqvarna) +0:21.099
5. Andrea Occhini (TM) +0:30.355
6. Alexander Georgiev (KTM) +0:35.232
7. Ales Hlad (Aprilia) -1 lap(s)
8. Edgardo Borella (KTM) -1 lap(s)
9. Fabrizio Bartolini (Husqvarna) -2 lap(s)
10. Nastran Uros (Husqvarna) -17 lap(s)

S2 Overall top-ten:
1. Gérald Delepine (Husqvarna) 44 points
2. Davide Gozzini (TM) 43 points
3. Adrien Chareyre (Husqvarna) 43 points
4. Paolo Gaspardone (Honda) 40 points
5. Alexander Georgiev (KTM) 29 points
6. Andrea Occhini (TM) 28 points
7. Edgardo Borella (KTM) 28 points
8. Fabrizio Bartolini (Husqvarna) 28 points
9. Ales Hlad (Aprilia) 25 points
10. Nastran Uros (Husqvarna) 24 points

S2 Championship top-ten:
1. Adrien Chareyre (Husqvarna) 215 points
2. Davide Gozzini (TM) 188 points
3. Gérald Delepine (Husqvarna) 174 points
4. Paolo Gaspardone (Honda) 143 points
5. Edgardo Borella (KTM) 130 points
6. Lorenzo Mariani (TM) 99 points
7. Fabrizio Bartolini (Husqvarna) 99 points
8. Christian Iddon (KTM) 95 points
9. Ales Hlad (Aprilia) 89 points
10. Lionel Deridder (KTM) 76 points

S2 Manufacturers:
1. Husqvarna 219 points
2. TM 192 points
3. KTM 148 points
4. Aprilia 130 points
5. Honda 97 points
6. WRM 42 points


The UEM SuperMoto European Championship saw round five of the Open and S3 classes get underway at Thessaloniki.

Karanyotov won again the overall and increased his Championship lead in the S3 class, though the Bulgarian young gun had a hard time in the opening moto when Janina Wuerterle worked her way past to take victory. Winning moto two Karanyotov secured the overall win ahead of Wuerterle.

In the Open class Porfiri ended a great weekend with the first overall win of the season, courtesy of victory in moto one and third in heat two. The Italian also snatched the red plate from team mate Monticelli, who went down in heat two and dropped to second in the Championship. Today’s podium was completed by Vorlicek and heat two winner Dall’Era, now a close third in the Championship.

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