Memphis NHRA Motorcycle Drag Results

October 6, 2009
JC Hilderbrand
Melody DeKorte
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MPR & DAM Sport Suzuki’s Michael Phillips beat defending Pro Stock Motorcycle Champion Eddie Krawiec in the final elimination round at the NHRA Mid-South Nationals this past weekend at the Memphis Motorsports Park. Krawiec, however, retained second-place in the title hunt behind current points leader Hector Arana, in the NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Championship.

Eddie Krawiec at Memphis Nationals
Defending Champion, Eddie Krawiec stages for the final elimination round at Memphis.

Krawiec will have two more tries to drag his Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines H-D V-Rod into first place ahead of Arana, Lucas Oil Buell, and with only 28 points separating the two, it’s still a possibility that Krawiec will succeed. This weekend marked Krawiec’s 10th final-round appearance of the season.

Coming into the semi-final elimination round at Memphis it was Phillips vs. Arana and Krawiec vs. Matt Smith. Arana fouled at the starting line, granting Phillips the win, but earned a 20-point bonus for setting the new national ET record of 6.851 seconds which was previously held by Andrew Hines.

After final elimination, Krawiec said, “We had a pretty good bike all weekend, but I’d say we never made a optimum pass. With the cool weather and the rain yesterday, the track was very tight and unforgiving. I spun the tire a little in the final and I’m sure that cost us some ET. We are still less than two rounds out of first place with two Countdown events to go, so anything can happen. We’ve just got to stay consistent and keep going rounds.”

The next Pro Stock Motorcycle event on the 2009 NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series schedule is the Las Vegas NHRA Nationals, Oct. 29-Nov.1, at the Strips at Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Las Vegas, Nevada.

NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Drag Racing Results
O’Reilly Midsouth Nationals – Memphis, TN 

Round                Win/Loss               Driver                                                                             R-Time             E-Time             Speed

Final                         (W)                     Michael Phillips (MPR & Damn Sport Suzuki)          0.014              6.935                193.54 
                                   (L)                     Eddie Krawiec (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines)  0.039               6.948                192.22 

Round 3                   (W)                    Michael Phillips (MPR & Damn Sport Suzuki)          0.033               6.976               191.78 
                                   (L)                     Hector Arana (Lucas Oil Buell)                                  -0.007(R)          7.828               121.62 

                                   (W)                    Eddie Krawiec (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines)   0.029               6.929              192.03
                                   (L)                     Matt Smith (Nitrofish Suzuki)                                         0.023               6.944              191.10

Round 2                   (W)                   Hector Arana (Lucas Oil Buell)                                     0.014               6.889               192.96 
                                   (L)                    Steve Johnson (Steve Johnson Racing Wyotech    -0.005               7.044               187.44 

                                   (W)                  Michael Phillips (MPR & Damn Sport Suzuki)            0.018               6.938               193.40 
                                   (L)                    GT Tonglet                                                                        0.022               7.111               188.46 

                                  (W)                   Matt Smith (Nitrofish Suzuki)                                        -0.028              6.940                190.22 
                                   (L)                   David Hope (VRoom Racing Buell)                            -9.999(R)  NT-Broke Before Staging 

                                  (W)                  Eddie Krawiec (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines)    0.060               6.955                193.18 
                                   (L)                  Douglas Horne (Horne Racing Buell)                        -0.007(R)          6.917                191.29

Round 1                  (W)                 Hector Arana (Lucas Oil Buell)                                      0.108               6.914                 192.77 
                                   (L)                 Joe De Santis                                                                   0.014             12.890                   59.65 

                                  (W)                Steve Johnson                                                                  0.024               7.063                 189.42 
                                   (L)                Junior Pippin (Stone Mtn & Granite Mtn HD B           -0.011(R)          7.024                 187.78 

                                  (W)                GT Tonglet                                                                         0.027               7.080                 188.36 
                                  (L)                 Andrew Hines (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines       0.031             10.557                 108.81 
                                 (W)                 Michael Phillips (MPR & Damn Sport Suzuki)            0.026               6.934                 194.94 
                                  (L)                 Craig Treble (Team Scream Suzuki)                           0.095               6.970                  191.40 

                                 (W)                 Matt Smith (Nitrofish Suzuki)                                          0.097               6.928                 192.30 
                                  (L)                 Redell Harris                                                                     0.228               9.023                   95.38

                                 (W)                 David Hope (VRoom Racing Buell)                             0.087                7.269                 177.95 
                                  (L)                 Shawn Gann                                                                     0.267                7.095                 183.02 

                                 (W)                Eddie Krawiec (Screamin’ Eagle/Vance & Hines)    0.088                 6.976                 189.36 
                                  (L)                 Bailey Whitaker (Rum Bum Buell)                               0.051                 7.078                 183.92 

                                 (W)                Douglas Horne                                                                0.037                 6.934                 191.70 
                                  (L)                Karen Stoffer                                                                     0.070                 6.963                 191.92