Moto-GT 8 Hours At Daytona Results

October 19, 2009
JC Hilderbrand
Melody DeKorte
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The No. 13 Westby Racing team has reason to celebrate after winning the 8 Hours At Daytona race this past weekend at Daytona International Speedway. The No. 18 Team finished in second with No. 40 Touring Sport Ducshop gracing the final podium spot.

The Westby Team is comprised of Dane Westby, Dustin Meador, Jeff Wood and AMA Superbike’s Josh Hayes piloting  a Yamaha YZF-R6. After having the honor of riding the Yamaha for the final part of the race, Westby said, “It’s a great feeling to win at Daytona. I thought it was going to be a battle until the end but we’ll take it this way. I’d like to thank the addition of the ‘J’s’ – Josh Hayes and Jeff Wood – they really helped us out. I don’t think we could have done it without them.”

Josh Hayes on Yamaha at Daytona
Josh Hayes raced on the No. 13 Westby Racing team during the 8 Hours at Daytona held this past weekend.

Involved in a race-long duel with the No. 18 Suzuki of Team, Hayes was happy to be involved. The former Formula Xtreme champ remarked, “Everybody seemed pretty excited to have me on the team and I was excited I was able to come out and ride with these guys, but this was not by any means about me. We had four good racers today and everybody did their fastest lap within a half a second of each other. So many people that were part of the crew came together for this event. Eight hours is a long race and everybody on the team did a fantastic job.”

Not short on name-horsepower, Team is made up of AMA Superbike riders Chris UlrichJason DiSalvo and Martin Cardenas. Out of the four races run to date, Team has never finished lower than second place and Ulrich is the only rider to finish on the overall podium in all four 8 Hours At Daytona races since 2006.

After the race, Ulrich said, “The Westby team ran a mistake-free race, they did a fantastic job and their rider line up was great. We made mistakes that got us behind but, no matter what, those guys rode so well today. They beat us, they beat us fair and square and, you know what, it is actually kind of fun to have some competition. Who knows, maybe next year we can come back and see if we can regain the crown. I feel good and I am proud of Team Suzuki. To be on the podium at Daytona for four years straight in the Eight Hour is pretty good. It was close today but not close enough.”

The final podium spot was occupied by Touring Sport Ducshop. Riding aboard the Ducati 848 are: Ryan Elleby, Hawk Mazzotta and Matt Lynn. Their team also won the GT2 Championship on the Ducati PS1000LE clinching their fifth win of the year with pilots Pete Friedland, Brad Phillips and Corey Rech.

8 Hours At Daytona Moto-GT Results:
1. Westby Racing (Hayes, Westby, Meador, Wood) Yamaha YZF-R6
2. (Cardenas, DiSalvo, Ulrich) Suzuki GSX-R600
3. Touring Sport Ducshop (Elleby, Lynn, Mazzotta) Ducati 848
4. R&B Motorsports (Barnes, Caudill, Crozier, Salenius) Ducati 848
5. Crozier Motorsports (Crozier, Jensen, Estock, Barnes) Ducati 848
6. Touring Sport Ducshop (Friedland, Rech, Phillips, Stokes) Ducati PS1000LE
7. KRM Racing (Boy, Long, Ferrer) Ducati PS1000LE
8. RidersChoice.CA (McBride, Nelson, Orde, Barnes) Ducati PS1000LE
9. McNology Racing (McPherson, McCormick) Yamaha YZF-R6
10. Touring Sport Ducshop (Stokes, Marchetti, Shockley) Ducati PS1000LE

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