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October 1, 2009
Courtesy of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation

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After reviewing over 550 submissions to its Ride On! Write On! contest, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) has selected the top 10 semi-finalist slogans. The public is invited to vote online at to determine the winning slogan. Votes will be accepted until 6:00 P.M. (Pacific Standard Time) on October 15, 2009. One vote per person. See website for details.

Top Ten Semi-Finalist Slogans:

1. Real Divas Ride Smart
2. New Rider, New Skills, New Confidence, New Friends, New Woman
3. A good foundation isn’t just for your face
4. Save a marriage, let a professional teach you to ride. MSF saving marriages since 1973.
5. Mom taught me about life … MSF taught me about riding
6. Your curves look better when trained. Take an MSF class!
7. Unleash your Inner Biker Chic! Take A MSF Course Today!
8. Women on motorcycles are positive female “roll” models. Strike a pose!
9. MSF RiderCourse, a women’s ignition to confidence, independence and inspiration
10. Female motorcycling – The essence of independence! Learn how at

“We’ve had tremendous response to our contest; some funny, some inspiring, some a little sexist, some serious, and one or two we had to disqualify,” said Dr. Sherry Williams, director, quality assurance and research. “It wasn’t easy to select just 10 semi-finalists. Riders, and particularly women riders, are very passionate about taking their first MSF RiderCourse, and that passion definitely shows in these clever, creative slogans. Now it’s up to the public to determine the final top three winners. We’ll look forward to using these slogans to inspire more women to discover the fun and adventure of motorcycling.”

The goal of the contest is to generate a slogan that will be used primarily for women’s shirts, as well as other items the MSF may choose to make available for sale. The message should reflect how essential it is to get started in motorcycling the right way – by taking the MSF RiderCourseSM – and how uplifting that accomplishment can be.

The top three winners will receive gift certificate prizes from Whitehorse Gear: 1st Place is $599, 2nd Place is $400 and 3rd Place is $300. Winners will be announced on or after October 16, 2009. Rules and restrictions apply. See the MSF website for details.

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