2010 Beta Motorcycles First Looks

November 20, 2009
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Back for 2010, the Beta Motor Company will offer the 400, 450, and 525 models in the enduro, dual-sport and supermoto platforms and all are still 50-state street legal. Also returning is option to add some aftermarket goodies to your Beta before delivery, but the list has expanded to a whopping 60 items in the Build Your Own Beta (BYOB) program. The biggest changes are to the RR Enduro line which feature new engines designed and fabricated in-house and new chassis. The RS Dual-Sport and Supermotos will continue to use KTM motors and all have electric start with a kick-start backup.
2010 Beta 400 engine2010 Beta RR engine
The photos here show Beta’s all-new engine which was designed and manufactured in-house for the 2010 RR Enduro. 

Beta RR Enduros

The new 400, 450, and 520 engines are liquid-cooled, DOHC, four-stroke platforms. The 450 RR’s bore and stroke (95 x 63.4mm) remains almost identical to the KTM 450 mill (95 x 63mm), but the Beta claims a 5-lb lighter dry weigh. Beta claims the new design and revised ergonomics drop the center of gravity to provide a lighter, smaller, and more nimble feel to the RR that should appeal to the off-road enthusiast.

Up front, the suspension on the RR still utilizes 45mm Marzocchi Shiver forks, but the internals have been changed to upgraded pistons and stronger sliders. Out back, the rear shock linkage has been revised and the standard Sachs shock features improved oil flow and spring settings. Add to this a skid plate, headlight, and taillight and the Beta can carry back and forth between the fun stuff and home. And to further feed their addiction, riders can choose from over 60 different items to add to a Beta before it is delivered, including the Rekcluse clutch or Leo Vince Titanium exhaust.

Beta RS Supermotos/Dual-Sports 

Included in the seven-bike lineup is the RS Supermoto and RS Dual-Sport. Both are offered with the same KTM 450 or 525cc engine as in the past. On the RS-Supermoto, Beta left well enough alone, making only very small changes like dropping the seat height down an 1.5 inches (35 in.), and giving it a plusher suspension. The same is true with the RS-Dual-Sport version, but it sits only 0.5 inches lower, though Beta claims it makes a huge difference in rider control.

2010 Beta Motorcycles MSRP
Beta 400RR – $8399
Beta 450RR – $8499
Beta 520RR – $8599

Beta 450RS – $8899
Beta 525RS – $8999

Beta 450RS – $9299
Beta 525RS – $9399  

American Beta founder, Tim Pilg said, “Off-road and dual-sport riders are unique. Therefore, their bikes should be built for them, not the masses. With more than 60 accessories available in our exclusive BYOB program, Beta is listening to rider’s needs.”

Check out www.americanbeta.com for more info on the all-new enduro and to peruse the index of goodies available in the BYOB list.

2010 Beta RR Enduro Specs – 400 / 450 / 520
Engine: Liquid-cooled, DOHC, four-stroke, 4-valve single
Bore x Stroke: 95 x 57.4mm / 95 x 63.44mm / 100 x 63.4mm
Displacement: 398cc / 449 cc / 498cc
Compression Ratio: 12.4:1 / 11.95:1 / 12:1
Ignition: Kokusan DC CDI with variable ignition timing
Lubrication: Twin oil pumps, cartridge oil filter. Separate oil for engine and clutch
Carburetor: 39mm Keihin FCR
Clutch: Wet, multi-disc with hydraulic actuation
Primary Gear Ratio: 31:73
Transmission speeds: 6
Final Gearing: 14/50
Starting: Electric, with kick-start backup
Seat height: 36.5 in.
Dry Weight: 242 lbs.
Ground Clearance: 12.6 in. 

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