2010 Regional AMA Amateur MX Schedule

November 3, 2009
Courtesy of MX Sports
MX Sports, producers of the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships, have officially announced the 2010 Regional Championship schedule. The 12 Regional Championships within the 7 different regions across the country provide the second and final stage of the qualification process to the National Championships held at the famed Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tenn., August 2-7, 2010. In an effort to accommodate school schedules, all events are now compressed to the entire month of June.
MX Sports

“We strive to use the best facilities and promoters in the country while also having comprehensive geographic reach,” said MX Sports Director Tim Cotter. “We believe with the 2010 Regional Championship schedule we have accomplished this.”

Five first-time regional tracks were added to the schedule including Thunder Valley in Livingston, Tenn., Big Cedar in Valley, Ala., Crossroads in Mason, Ill., Golden Pine in Pentriss, Miss., and Competitive Edge in Hesperia, Calif. Pro National tracks hosting an event where riders will race the same course as the Pro’s include Unadilla MX in New Berlin, N.Y., Spring Creek MX in Millville, Minn., and Freestone MX in Wortham, Texas.

“It’s a great opportunity for racers, especially amateur racers to get back on the pro track,” said Greg Robinson, owner of the Unadilla MX. “This is the first time that racers have had that opportunity since we opened in 2000. From a rider’s standpoint, they want to experience the same thing other past pro guys have experienced like Ricky Carmichael and James Stewart. They also get to ride the same part of the track their favorite riders have ridden like Chad Reed or Kevin Windham. Now they have a chance to do that.”

In order for riders to prepare for the three twenty-minute motos at the National, Regional Championships consist of three moto formats and longer motos in each class over the course of two days. Adding an additional level of prestige to the Regional Championships OEM manufacturers typically provide not only technical support at every event but also offer substantial contingency programs for participants. Many riders and amateur team members view their Regional as the second biggest race of the year for their programs.

For the Regional Championship schedule visit www.mxsports.com/pages/schedule/2010-regional-championship-schedule.

2010 AMA Regional Championship Schedule
Youth – June 26 & 27
Pleasure Valley, Armaugh, PA
Amateur – June 19 & 20
Unadilla, New Berlin, NY

Youth – June 12 & 13
Big Cedar MX, Valley, AL
Amateur – June 5 & 6
Birch Creek, Danville, VA

Youth – June 5 & 6
Thunder Valley, Livingston, TN
Amateur – June 12 & 13
Baja MX, Millington, MI

Amateur – June 26 & 27
Crossroads, Mason, IL
Youth – June 5 & 6
Spring Creek MX, Millville, MN

Amateur – June 19 & 20
Golden Pine, Pentriss, MS
Youth – June 12 & 13
Freestone MX, Wortham, TX

Youth & Am. – June 12 & 13
Honey Lake, Milford, CA

Youth & Am. – June 5 & 6
Competitive Edge, Hesperia, CA

The 2010 Area Qualifier schedule will be announced on November 13.

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