EnduroCross Interview with Joakim Ljunggren

November 21, 2009
By Jim Kimball
One very cool aspect of the Geico AMA Endurocross series is when new riders come over to compete. One of those riders coming over to try their hand in American Endurocross is Sweden’s Joakim Ljunggren. While Joakim may have limited experience indoors, in the World Enduro Championships he is a strong presence. Backed by Husaberg, Ljunggren will use his Las Vegas experience to have fun, and learn the ways of American indoor Endurocross.
Joakim Ljunggren tries his luck at American EnduroCross in Las Vegas.
Husaberg’s Joakim Ljunggren is used to racing outdoors in the World Enduro Championship series. The Swedish rider is racing during the indoor EnduroCross finale in Las Vegas.

Joakim, what has brought you to Las Vegas to compete in the final round of the 2009 Geico AMA Endurocross series?
Actually, about three weeks ago I made my debut at an indoor race in Europe. It was my first race and I didn’t really know what to expect but it went pretty well. I ended up sixth in the final, and Husaberg was pretty happy. I think that this (Endurocross) is the future of Enduro racing, and I asked Husaberg if I could come here. I don’t really have anything to do with trying to win this series, but I feel that it will be very good training – and very fun.
What racing have you done in Europe?

I compete in the World Championship Enduro series; which is eight races all over the world. It went very well for me, and I finished third in the 450 class – so I was really happy with that. Also I do the Swedish Enduro Championships, and other big Off-Road races in Europe – but never so far in the USA.

How long have you been with Husaberg?
It’s been about four years now; I started with them in 2005.

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Let’s wrap up with what you hope to accomplish tonight?
I don’t really know what to expect here; the only names that I really know are the names that I have seen in some of the films of Endurocross that I have seen. I know of Taddy, and Mike Brown, and then the Kawasaki guys; I know that they are very fast! My goal is to make the main, be in the race, and learn more about Endurocross. It’s only my second indoor race so I know that I will have a lot to learn – and do as best as I can!

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