EnduroCross Interview with Taddy Blazusiak

November 22, 2009
By Jim Kimball
In the world of Geico AMA Endurocross racing, I cannot think of one person that dislikes 2009 Champion Taddy Blazusiak. The rider from Poland always has a smile on his face, and when not on the track is hanging out with his many fans. All business on the track, Blazusiak racked up a series of dominating win; so much so that he won the 2009 Championship with one race to go. Playing to the crowd as Travis Pastrana often does, Taddy is always celebrating a good race with burn-outs, wheelies, and revving his two stroke KTM until you think it’s going to blow. In the Las Vegas pits I tracked down Taddy after practice to learn more about his dominant 2009 season. 

Taddy, way to go on capturing the 2009 Geico AMA Endurocross Championship – you must be pretty happy.

KTMs Taddy Blazusiak at his pit box during Las Vegas
2009 EnduroCross Champion Taddy Blazusiak has dominated most the season.

Yeah; my season was just great; the bike was great, and the team was great. I’ve been working very hard this year and strictly focusing on one series, and one kind of racing – Endurocross. I feel really good to have won the title with one round remaining – it’s just great to be the Champion!

You may have not won every race, but you certainly were the dominant rider.

Well, I just tried to have as much fun as I could this year, and really tried to stay focused; I had my program set at the beginning of the year, and tried to not change anything, and stay with what was working. I really worked on my moto speed which I may have lacked a bit before. I tried to work hard to where I was truly the fastest guy on every part of the track. As I said, the bike was perfect all year, which really allowed me to focus on my riding; taking it race by race, trying to have clean racing, and staying out of trouble. Taking several hole-shots definitely helped too – especially at the last few races.

Expand on what you said about focusing in on only one series.
Well this year I have done a couple other races, but like I said my main focus was on Endurocross – and the goal was to win. I just used the other races as practice for Endurocross. I had a few other races which were in my contract, but it was all a part of my mental practice for Endurocross. I didn’t have any pressure in these other races; I was just thinking about this (Endurocross) championship. Now at the end of the year I am still fresh and not tired at all from racing – this year I feel that I had a very good approach to racing.

You also used the word “fun” a minute ago; you absolutely have fun at these races don’t you?
For sure, that is the kind of person that I am; I am not trying to be someone that I am not – I’m just this way. I like to smile a lot, and talk to people at the races. At the end of the race if I can give the fans a show and something to remember, I like doing that. Last year when I got hurt I was putting so much pressure on myself, but then sitting at home I had a lot of time to think. It is certainly my job to win races, but my approach is to also have fun out there. It’s been paying off pretty well; I’ve been calm at the races, and having lots of fun.

In spite of being a very competitive person, you’re pretty friendly with the other racers aren’t you?

KTMs Taddy Blazusiak during the Las Vegas finale.
During the main event in Las Vegas, Taddy Blazusiak crashed hurting his knee. Blazusiak returned to the race and finished in fifth.

Oh for sure; we all have a job and everyone is definitely trying to win, but I see no sense in being rude to the other guys off the track – that’s how I work, and it’s natural for me. I am just being myself, so it’s very normal for me to be friends with the other riders.

As the Las Vegas Endurocross is your last official race this year; what are your plans for 2010?
I’ll be back with KTM, and be back in Endurocross. I’m looking forward the racing in the US again, but I’ll also be doing some of the Extreme races like Erzberg. I’ll also likely be doing a few World Enduro races, and maybe a few GNCC’s here in the states. I got a sixth in a GNCC race this year, which I felt good about because I was riding my Endurocross bike from the night (Ohio Endurocross) before. Definitely next year my program will be the same; focusing on Endurocross while using some of the other races primarily as practice and training.

Before we finish up Taddy; who would you like to thank?
I would really like to thank my team; the Factory KTM team has been great to me this past year. And big thanks to all my other sponsors like Red Bull, TCX, Airoh, and Kini – it’s been great to have all these guys on board. They stuck by me after I crashed out last year, and I hope that I rewarded them this year.

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