EnduroCross Las Vegas Insider

November 22, 2009
By Jim Kimball
It’s all over but the shouting, as the 2009 Geico AMA Endurocross series ended tonight in Las Vegas. Although the Championship had already been decided, there was still a lot at stake – primarily the $50,000.00 that Champion Taddy Blazusiak could take if he won, as well as the pride that the winner would walk away with – and carry into 2010.
Ricky Dietrich lays down his Kawasaki during the rocky-section in Las Vegas.
Monster Energy Ricky Dietrich lays the Kawasaki down in front of KTM’s Taddy Blazusiak.

Taking the hole shot in the main event was Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Destry Abbott; who had actually just flown in earlier today after competing at a race in Baja. With Christini KTM’s Geoff Aaron, new Champ Taddy Blazusiak, and Ricky Dietrich in tow, it was shaping up to be a great battle for the win. Meanwhile, Dietrich’s teammate Damon Huffman was back out of the top-five, and KTM mounted Mike Brown was nearly last!

Things all changed less than a half-lap in as Blazusiak took the lead with Dietrich right behind; looking like a battle of champions – 2008 Champ Dietrich versus 2009 Champ Blazusiak. But then everything changed as Dietrich ran into Blazusiak; sending Poland’s finest into the dirt. Seeing an opening, Geoff Aaron took over the lead with Dietrich maintaining second – as Blazusiak struggled to get going.

Soon Aaron and Dietrich would have a terrific battle and the lead would swap a few times! Eventually Dietrich found his way past Aaron for good; opened up a lead, and as he earlier told me he wanted – took the win. Geoff Aaron would finish second, as Damon Huffman took his Monster Energy Kawasaki to third. What about Blazusiak – he eventually finished fifth-overall; just behind Kawasaki mounted Colton Haaker.

The shouting came into play after the race as Ricky Dietrich walked into the KTM semi to give his number 1 plate to Taddy Blazusiak. I didn’t hear the two’s conversation, but according to Dietrich later, Taddy was not very excited to see him. Ricky would also tell me that he had no intention of taking Taddy out; he just wanted the win. I should make it clear that I did not hear Taddy, or anyone in his camp shouting; that came from just a few Blazusiak fans who questioned Dietrich’s move. Of course Taddy already won the Championship, but not taking the win cost him $50,000.00 in the Triple Crown Shootout.

Check out highlights from the EnduroCross finals at www.shotmakerproductions.com.

EnduroCross Las Vegas Results:
1. Ricky Dietrich (Kawasaki)
2. Geoff Aaron (Christini KTM)
3. Damon Huffman (Kawasaki)
4. Colton Haaker (Kawasaki)
5. Taddy Blazusiak (KTM)
6. Cody Webb (KTM)
7. Bobby Prochnau (KTM)
8. Cory Graffunder (Husqvarna)
9. Mike Brown (KTM)
10. Graham Jarvis (Sherco)
11. Destry Abbott (Kawasaki)

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