Hot Leathers & Fuller Hot Rods Clothing Peek

November 19, 2009
Courtesy of Hot Leathers

Fuller Hot Rods and Hot Leathers Partner To Create Clothing Line.
Just a small sample of what Hot Leathers and Fuller Hot Rods have coming in the new year from their new motorcycle clothing line.

A Match Made in Motorcycle Heaven- Fuller Hot Rods and Hot Leathers Partner To Create Clothing Line MANCHESTER, CT- November 16, 2009- Fuller Hot Rods and Hot Leathers have teamed up to become the number one purveyors of coolness. Hot Leathers, the industry leader in motorcycle apparel and accessories and Fuller Hot Rods, the home of award-winning hot rod and motorcycle builder and designer, Bryan Fuller, have partnered to create a full line of clothing and accessories sure to top any biker’s wish list.

Working overtime, the creative minds at Fuller Hot Rods and Hot Leathers have melded their individual fields of expertise and have joined forces to create a line of clothing that embodies Fuller’s motorcycle savvy and Hot Leathers’ unbeatable design and selection.

Fuller Hot Rods, the inspiration for this new line of apparel, has been building innovative and award-winning machines for over five years. Fuller’s mastery and prowess in bike-building has set him apart from other builders. He is has currently the co-host of the oldest “how-to” car show on SPEED, “Two Guys Garage” and caught the eye of Hot Leathers, who is always on the look out for design inspiration.

“I’ve been looking to expand my existing apparel line and am stoked to have partnered with Hot Leathers,” says Fuller. “They have been an industry standard for years. They have provided me with great designs that I know everybody is going to love.”

In addition, Hot Leathers who is known for their unbeatable selection of motorcycle merchandise for over 25 years, has earned its place as one of America’s top 50 volume screen printers. If you love the bold and original merchandise that has become synonymous with Hot Leathers, you’ll love the all-new designs available through their new line of Fuller clothing and accessories.

“We’ve been looking to partner with a bike builder who shares our tastes and passion,” explains Hot Leathers’ retail operations manager, Andy George. “Bryan is the perfect fit and our type of guy. We’re thrilled with the new line and you will be too.”

For a superior product, innovative designs and huge selection, check out the new Fuller Hot Rod line of apparel and accessories available exclusively through Hot Leathers available online January 1, 2010 at and