MIC Wants You to Revive Your Ride!

November 20, 2009
By Motorcycle USA Staff
It’s hard economic times right now, and the motorcycle industry is hurting too. So the MIC (Motorcycle Industry Council) has launched its first industry-wide promotional campaign to help, dubbed Revive Your Ride!

Revive Your Ride!
Riders, the MIC commands you: Revive Your Ride!

The Revive Your Ride! campaign aims to put riders in dealerships the way Black Friday gets soccer moms in mall parking lots. With an industry wide theme, style and design, the idea is to get all powersports dealers on the same page and unified. Dealerships can download logos and promotional materials for free at www.mic.org/reviveyourride.

Motorcycle sales are down. Plummeted is a better term. So the name of the game is increasing floor traffic by encouraging riders to kit out the bikes they already have. Ergo, Revive Your Ride! MIC Board of Directors member and president of Kendon Industries, Inc, Frank Esposito explained further in a PR announcing the campaign:

“The theme Revive Your Ride! can mean accessorizing the motorcycle you already have, pulling a machine out of the back of the garage and putting it back on the road or trail, getting some overdue service done, sizing up some fresh riding gear, and, yes, it can mean a new bike or ATV too. The unified theme, style and design, if used by many dealerships, repeatedly, can collectively cut through today’s marketing clutter. We want a clear message to customers that regardless of how much they have to spend, now is the best time to visit their local motorcycle dealer, aftermarket outlet or service shop. The product selection is great right now, the deals are generous and there is plenty of expert dealership staff to help.”

The MIC is thinking big, with hopes that campaign can kick start sluggish sales, giving the industry a much-needed shot in the arm.

“It’s built so dealerships can make it work for themselves and make it work for their customers – the ones they already have and the ones they want to gain. It’s free for everyone to use as they see fit, and we hope it’s adopted by many. We think that Revive Your Ride! can offer a marketing boost and help do for powersports retailers what the Superbowl, Thanksgiving and Presidents, Memorial and Labor Day sales events help do for department and grocery stores,” said MIC board member Eric Anderson.

A number of outlets are spreading the word to promote the new campaign, including media and MIC member agencies. Included in both groups is the best online resource for motorcycle news and motorcycle reviewsMotorcycle USA.

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A full list of early participation MIC members is below:
Motorcycle USA
GE Money
Kendon Industries
Parts Magazine
Powersports Business
Schiefer Media, Inc.
The Creative Works
Vroom Network

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