Nick Burson Wins 2009 U.S.D.R. Series

November 20, 2009
Courtesy of Husqvarna

Nick Burson - Elsinore Grand Prix
Nick Burson races along in theĀ Elsinore Grand Prix after some earlier trouble nearly ended his race.

Nick Burson accomplished more in a week than many racers achieve in a career. On November 7th the Zip-Ty RacingĀ Husqvarna fastman took the overall victory at the legendary Elsinore Grand Prix – in his first ever attempt! Then he backed that achievement up last Sunday with his third consecutive U.S. Desert Racing series pro class title.

“With three wins and a second place so far in the U.S.D.R. series, I was in a good position to win the title,” explains Burson. “But I didn’t have the 2009 Championship completely locked up. I still needed to finish which meant that I had to complete at least 3 laps of the 5 lap race.” Confident, yet cautious, Nick settled into a comfortable pace in third place off the start. Two other riders dashed ahead, battling to win for the day, but Burson’s focus was to get his Husqvarna TXC 510 to the finish line without mishap.

The plan worked smoothly for most of the first two laps – then the bike died! “I was going to try to stay close to the leaders and see if I could win it, but about 4 miles from the end of lap two, my bike came to a stop,” says Burson. Fortunately he was prepared for any eventuality. “Lucky for me, I carried a fanny-pack full of tools that I don’t normally carry. In fact, my bike ran like a top all season long.” Cool as a cucumber, Nick quickly diagnosed the problem, fixed it and was back in the hunt.

Burson quickly was back on pace, but had to settle for winning the Championship rather than the race as rival Ryan Kudla was long gone. So what did Burson do to celebrate his third consecutive championship and his Elsinore GP win? He started prepping for his next race.

Husqvarna 2010 TXC 510 “It has been a great season and I am happy to have put the #1 plate on my Husqvarna, but I still have two more big races to finish out the year,” notes Nick. “I’ve gotta go out and train with Ty Davis for the EnduroCross finale in Las Vegas on November 21 and then race the Big 6 GP at Rhyno Land on December 4-5.” Given the week he had, don’t bet against him in Vegas during the EnduroCross or the Big 6 GP!

“I would really like to thank my Mom and Dad for supporting me in everything. Thanks also to Zip-Ty Racing and Husqvarna for the awesome opportunity they gave me this year,” says the Desert Master. “I will be back next year as strong as ever looking to defend my title!”

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