Scorpion XDR Fury Jacket and Hellina Pants

Melody DeKorte | November 17, 2009
I’m a gear junkie. I can admit it. Look in my closet and I have no less than 10 jackets. All bought under the pretense of tracking down the right combination for whenever weather can be questionable. Well, I finally found it with the Scorpion XDR Fury jacket.

The “XDR” stands for Xtreme Distance Rider and it was designed for riders who want to take off and cross continents without packing the entire closet with you. And while most of us may never have that opportunity, even the ride to work and back can change drastically weather-wise in a single day.

Scorpion XDR Fury jacket
Want to cross continents or just be prepared for whatever weather you may encounter? Then Scorpion’s XDR Fury Jacket has got you covered.

The outer shell of the Fury is constructed of 600 denier and features Exo-Tec CE-certified armor in the shoulders and elbows with a foam pad in the back. Personally I would prefer a stouter armor in the spine area, but it does allow for freedom of movement and doesn’t weigh the jacket down. The lower forearms and shoulders feature cinching straps to help keep the armor firmly in place.

When I first pulled the jacket out of the box and began looking it over, I was surprised by the amount of pockets offered on the Fury. I counted eight, including one large tool-pack sized one across the lower back and all are waterproof. When traveling any distance, it’s great to have easy access to your credit cards or, in some cases, proof of insurance and driver’s license.

When the Fury arrived, it was still in the mid-eighties in temperature, so I quickly removed the two inner liners and opened all six vents. Since the Fury I received is predominantly black, I didn’t expect to stay cool, but I was. Two of the vents are located on the upper arms and when riding, allow air to move over your arms and out the back vents.

For the women, there is a four-point torso adjustment system to customize the bodice to your shape, giving it a sleeker, sexier look. This helps too in windy conditions to keep the jacket from flapping around while riding and stops drafts. There is a 10-inch zipper in the rear of the jacket to connect to a pair of Scorpion riding pants; I chose Scorpion’s Hellina Pant.

Once the temperature dropped, I reinstalled the Everheat liners. To simplify this process it’s easiest to zip the liners together first and put them on. Once on, don the jacket, snap together the color-coded loops and snaps, then remove both at the same time and zip the outer shell to the liners. The neck is lined in super soft fleece and is non-abrasive. For even more cold-weather protection, it has a removable storm collar that covers the exposed area of neck from helmet to coat collar to keep you toasty.

This brings us to my only complaint about the jacket. With both liners in and storm collar on, this is not a throw on and go jacket. With two zippers, a waterproof flap, an outer line of snaps and fastening the storm collar, it does take some time and effort to get into. But once tucked inside this protective cocoon, you are prepared for whatever Mother Nature hits you with. Scorpion’s temperature guideline for the Fury ranges from 35-85 degrees, but I have tested it as far down as 29 degrees and my teeth haven’t started chattering yet. 

Scorpion Hellina Pants
Scorpion’s Hellina Pants was a perfect mate for the XDR Fury Jacket but they do run a little small, so check the sizing chart before you buy.

“Hell hath no fury…” it’s a saying we are all familiar with. Even in that sentence, Hell and Fury go hand-in-hand, so it goes without saying that the Scorpion Hellina Pant and XDR Fury jacket were made for each other.

Constructed of the same quality fabric, the Hellina features a 10-inch connecting zipper and the same removable Everheat liner for additional protection against the cold. With removable hip pads and Exo-Tec armor in the knees, the Hellina offers superior protection but refrains from looking or feeling bulky.

Smart features include cinching straps on the legs that hold armor where it’s needed most and the Hellina maintains its feminine style through waist cinchers that conform to your shape. Four pockets grace the pants so pair it with the eight that the Fury has and you’ve got plenty of room for your lip-gloss too.

And while the Hellina works well, I did find the leg length too short for me. I have a 33-inch inseam and once seated on the bike, the legs quit well above my boots leaving my ankles exposed to the elements. As for sizing, the Hellina seems to run a little on the small size especially in the hip area, so be sure to check the sizing chart before ordering.

I know Scorpion had me in mind when they designed the XDR Women’s Fury Jacket. As someone who rides in almost all weather conditions, I needed a “convertible” jacket that could carry me throughout the year. I actually have free space again in my closet now that Scorpion’s Fury has come into my life and if the Hellina was offered in a Tall, these stylish, sleek pants would be a mainstay to my motorcycle wardrobe.

Buy the Scorpion XDR Fury Jacket now at the Motorcycle Superstore!
Sizes: S – 2XL
Colors: Black, Neon
MSRP: $299.95 – $309.95 

Scorpion Hellina Pant
Sizes: S – 2XL
Colors: Black
MSRP: $159.95


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