Stewart Rests Up for Supercross

November 19, 2009
Bart Madson
By Bart Madson
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James Stewart will miss two planned international races as he rests for the upcoming Supercross season. The defending SX champ confirmed his withdrawal from the November 28th Genoa Supercross and December 5th Brisbane Super X for medical reasons on his official js7 website.

James Stewart
The 2009 Supercross champion now rests, recovering from a mysterious illness as the 2010 season approaches.

Stewart sat out the entire 2009 Motocross championship, as well as Motocross of Nations, before returning, and dominating the 2009 US Open in October. The Yamaha ace then participated in the Bercy Supercross in Paris, France in early November. Stewart was victorious the first two nights of competition, but then withdrew due to what his website describes as “a severe case of food poisoning.”

Seemingly recovered, Stewart returned to the US and continued training, but medical tests found something wrong. The statement announcing Stewart’s withdrawal from Genoa and Brisbane states:

“It was learned that James’ immune system is dangerously compromised at the moment, and travel out of the country, as well as strenuous activity, could jeopardize his health even further.”

Stewart will now focus on regaining his fitness for the January 9th Anaheim Supercross opener. In the same js7 announcement, Stewart said of his recent set back:

“I’m really bummed out right now. I’ve had some great experiences racing outside of the States, and I was really looking forward to the races in Italy and Australia. This is a critical time of the year in terms of my preparation for Anaheim, though, so I’ve got to be smart and listen to my doctors and team on this one. This is not what I want, but my health has to come first.”

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