Super-X Sydney Results

November 15, 2009
JC Hilderbrand
Melody DeKorte
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It was a game of survival during Round 5 of the Australasian Supercross Championship series at Sydney with Monster Energy Yamaha’s Chad Reed dominating the evening and taking the final win ahead of Jeremy McGrath and Jay Marmont.


Chad Reed wins Round 5 at Sydney.
Defending Champion Chad Reed took on The King of Supercross during the ultimate game of Survival and won.

Twenty riders qualified for a four-race final format dubbed “Survival.” Riders faced four 6-lap fights with the bottom five eliminated after each round. Adding to the sense of urgency at the end of each race a start clock would begin when the winner crossed the finish-line giving the remaining competitors two minutes to make to the start of the next race.

In the first six-lapper, Tye Simmonds got the holeshot on his KTM but he would lose the lead to Reed in the final corner. After grabbing the holeshot in the second-race, CDR Rockstar Yamaha’s Jay Marmont went down, but he got up and fought his way back up inside the top-ten and progressed to the next final.

During the third-round of the finals, Reed took a flag-to-flag victory with Woodstock Honda Thor Racing’s Jeremy McGrath coming in second. Cameron Taylor suffered a huge crash on his Suzuki with his body bouncing-off a tough block. Taylor did not return, but he did walk away.

In the ultimate round, Reed grabbed the holeshot and ran-off. That left McGrath duking it out with Marmont for second. Coming down to finish line, The King and Marmont were side-by-side but it was McGrath who took the checkers first, a mere +0.024 seconds ahead of Marmont.

After his wins Reed said, “I felt great on the bike tonight and I was going for jumps that I haven’t been attempting at the

The King of Supercross faced off the Champ Chad Reed during the ultimate round of Survivor.
Showtime Jeremy McGrath had his hands full during the final-round with Jay Marmont. McGrath snatched second barely.

other rounds. The atmosphere and crowd tonight were fantastic and it’s so good to have Jeremy out here racing. I idolized him when I was a kid so it is really special.”

Behind the top-three, it was a duel between KTM riders Simmonds and Daniel McCoy with Simmonds eventually grabbing the fourth-spot putting McCoy in fifth.

The 250cc class competed in the Quad Challenge which consists of four five-lap sprints and the winner is determined by an accumulation of points. Each round had different winners, but it was Shift Motul Suzuki’s Matt Moss that won the most points overall with Yamaha’s Kyle Cunningham in second and fellow Suzuki rider Lawson Bopping in third.

The Monster Energy Super-X will now move to the Waikatao Stadium in Hamilton for the penultimate round of the championship on November 21.

Survival Final Results:

The Open winners of the evening stand on the podium - Chad Reed  Jeremy McGrath and Jay Marmont.
The final-three survivors of Round 5 at Sydney – Chad Reed, Jeremy McGrath and Jay Marmont.

1. Chad Reed (Yamaha) 25
2. Jeremy McGrath (Honda) 22
3. Jay Marmont (Yamaha) 20
4. Tye Simmonds (KTM) 18
5. Daniel McCoy (KTM) 16
6. Craig Anderson (Kawasaki) 15
7. Cody Mackie (Kawasaki) 14
8. Robbie Marshall (Yamaha) 13
9. Cheyne Boyd (Yamaha) 12
10. Cameron Taylor (Suzuki) 11

Open Overall Point Standings:
1. Jay Marmont (Yamaha) 108
2. Chad Reed (Kawasaki) 107
3. Dan Readon (Honda) 98
4. Tye Simmonds (KTM) 86
5. Daniel McCoy (KTM) 78

Sydneys Lites podium - Matt Moss  Kyle Cunningham and Brendan Harrison
The 250cc class Quad Challenge winners – Matt Moss, Kyle Cunningham, and Brendan Harrison.

250 Survival Final Results:
1. Matt Moss (Suzuki) 70
2. Kyle Cunningham (Yamaha) 68
3. Brendan Harrison (Yamaha) 60
4. Luke Styke (Yamaha) 58
5. Lawson Bopping (Suzuki) 56

250 Overall Point Standings:
1. Matt Moss (Suzuki) 127
2. Kyle Cunningham (Yamaha) 97
3. Lawson Bopping (Suzuki) 94
4. Ryan Marmont (Yamaha) 89
5. Brendan Harrison (Yamaha) 79