Acerbis Wave MX10 Dirt Bike Gear Review

JC Hilderbrand | December 9, 2009

Acerbis Wave MX10 gear surprised us with its expert fit, making it an instant favorite.

If there’s one set of motorcycle gear I’ve wanted in my closet for the past couple years it’s something from the Acerbis line. We’re typically fortunate enough to have more dirt bike gear than we know what to do with, but getting a set of Acerbis proved more difficult than expected because distribution in America is still very limited. Well, it finally showed up and the Wave MX10 was blindingly orange and absolutely killer to wear.

Most jerseys are cookie-cutter versions of one another, but the Wave sets itself apart with a large rubber logo patch sewn high on the chest. The defining feature adds significant weight to the jersey and I was originally very leery of it. However, after wearing and washing it, the logo is firmly in place and is very unnoticeable while riding. It acts as a mini roost deflector for those who don’t wear them. I try to wear a full chest protector at all times but never had any issues with the logo interfering. The neck and micro-cuffs are comfortably snug and the pre-curved arms have the right amount of fabric. Made from 100% polyester, the Wave jersey cleans up well and has resisted staining.

The MX10 pants looked a little tight to begin with, but once I slipped them over my POD knee braces, they proved to be just right, especially after the first couple washes. These are expensive moto trousers, but the heavy-duty Nylon construction, Kevlar-reinforced right knee and perfectly placed spandex and elastic allow this durable pant to bend and move with the rider in all situations. The double-cinch waist closure is one of my favorite features. It pulls from both sides to create an unmatched fit. Inside is a mesh liner extending to the knees. The cuffs don’t have soft elastic, which I typically prefer, but I never had any problems with uncomfortable pressure points inside my boots. Some other pants like the Klim Chinook pants offer extra features, but if you don’t need pockets then the Acerbis garb is near perfect.

Usually with a set of gloves, some of the fingers are a tad long while one or two fit just right – not so with the Wave. I loved the fit and it offers a good blend of protective coverage and breathability. Spandex, Neoprene and mesh panels make up the back of the glove giving it plenty of flex. It’s standard to have silicone print at the end of the index and middle fingers, but Acerbis extends it all the way down onto the palm for added grip. The Clarino palm is soft but durable and an additional patch reinforces the thumb area. If anything the Velcro closure is a little large, but overall this is an awesome glove.

The MX10 pants are like a second layer of skin – light and tight.

This has become my new favorite set of gear, especially for racing. The only downfall is trying to get a set. Distribution should increase in the future, but for now you have to contact MX1WEST or Acerbis USA directly. What I didn’t get to do was wear it in really hot weather, but I did ride it in temps ranging from the mid-30s to about 70 degrees and the MX10 gear has held up admirably and performed impressively. I love it partly because it is exotic, but mostly because there’s not one ounce or inch of extra material, and it never pinches, bunches or wads up. For many gear reviews, there’s not much to say about the jersey and gloves, but every piece of the Acerbis ensemble is noteworthy. It’s like a new, better layer of skin.

Wave Pant – $170
Wave Jersey – $50
Wave Glove – $50 

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JC Hilderbrand

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