Carlisle Trail Wolf ATV Tire Review

Doug Meyer | December 22, 2009

The Carlisle Trail Wolf ATV tire is a good general-purpose trail tire for smaller utility quads.

There is probably no quicker (and easier) way to improve the performance of any vehicle than a good set of tires. It doesn’t matter whether that vehicle is a 4×4 pickup truck, the family sedan, or your favorite ATV or UTV. Unfortunately most OE (Original Equipment) tires are selected by the manufacturer based not on performance or longevity, but rather cost – or more correctly, the lack of it. In this case cheap tires results in two undesirable features — tires with less rubber in their construction and rubber of inferior quality. So replacing the tires that came on your new ATV may be necessary sooner than you’d like, but fortunately replacing them will surprise you with the incredible difference that the right tire can make.

The Carlisle Trail Wolf is a great choice for most mid-sized and smaller 2WD and 4WD ATVs – 400cc and under. Although the Trail Wolf is a very economically priced replacement tire, it is not a cheaply built tire. Based on the famous ITP Blackwater tire casing, the Trail Wolf is constructed to last for many miles of real world trail use. The Trail Wolf has been rated as a four-ply tire because of the extra thickness of the rubber in the sidewall’s construction. The tire also features Carlisle’s patented Rim Guard that puts extra rubber along the rim to protect it from rocks, sticks and errant trail damage. The rim guard also helps the tire stay beaded to the rim when hammered by those hard side impacts caused by bouncing against rocks, ruts and roots. In addition to a thicker rubber in its construction, the Trail Wolf is built using a higher quality rubber compound that helps it to be more puncture resistant as well as longer wearing.

Bias-ply tires still offer a lot for off-road use.

We’ve found over the years that the firmer sidewall construction helps the Trail Wolf handle considerably more predictable out on the trails. The thin and soft OE tires tend to roll over with the force of cornering. This makes the ATV less controllable at the tire’s limit and gives a tippy feeling, even in normal riding. That’s a feeling that’s not only a little scary, but downright dangerous! Thanks to the stouter sidewall the Trail Wolf corners more predictably and steers more precisely. We found the Trail Wolf tires held up well to our hard use on the trail. Overshadowed by the new radials, the Trail Wolf is still a wonderful tire for most all uses. It handles well, lasts far longer than the stock tires, and is less expensive as well.

Buy it Now: Carlisle Trail Wolf Rear Tire – $93, Carlisle Trail Wolf Front Tire – $74
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