Limpnickie Lot Builders Manual 2 Deadline

December 18, 2009
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Limpnickie Lot
The crew of the Limpnickie Lot is at it again in 2010.

The grass roots collection of ‘Next Generation’ custom motorcycle builders known collectively as the Limpnickie Lot is working on its Builders Manual Vol. 2. For those who aren’t familiar with the cast of the Limpnickie Lot, these are the heart of the American motorcycle scene, die-hard, hands-on craftsman who build what they ride and ride what they build.

Last year they introduced the first Limpnickie Builder Manual at the Cincinnati V-Twin Expo. They followed that up by setting up the Limpnickie Lot at events like Bike Week and Sturgis. The Limpnickie crew attracts a younger crowd by infusing mediums like punk rock, skateboard ramps, BMX bikes and paintball wars with hand-built bikes and the art of kick starting. The emphasis is on fun, friendship, and keeping it real.

Some of the builders who were in last year’s Manual are Led Sled Customs, Nash Motorcycles, Guilty Customs, Bare Knuckle Choppers and Keino Cycles. The deadline to get into this year’s manual is January 15. The Limpnickie Lot Manual looks great, is professionally done, and is guaranteed to get your business plenty of exposure.
For more information, contact the brothers of Nash Motorcycles at  

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