Polisport Folding Bike Stand Review

JC Hilderbrand | December 2, 2009

Hauling the Polisport Folding Bike Stand to the track is easier than anything else we’ve tried.

I’ve had my truck loaded with so much moto crap that there’s no place for my trusty aluminum bike stand to fit. When it’s a trip to the woods for a long trail ride, this isn’t a big deal, but having to use a tie down hooked to the truck bed at a motocross track is a pain. One solution is to purchase a larger truck, which isn’t happening on a journalist’s salary. And since the rest of my stuff like toolboxes, gearbags and fuel cans are pretty essential, I’ve found solace in the Polisport Folding Bike Stand.

Polisport claims it can support up to 550 lbs. We’ve put everything from 250cc motocross bikes to nearly 300-pound enduros on it, plus body weight, and haven’t seen it crack, fold, flex or show weakness in any way. When set up, the stand is similar in size to any regular stands on the market, but fold it up and it morphs into compact 2.5 x 18 x 23-inch dimensions. At less than three inches thick, the stand easily tucks along the side of your truck bed, or lays flat to allow other gear to be stacked on top.

The rubber-injected top platform doesn’t let bikes slide around, and the dual-injected plastic is gas/oil resistant and easy to clean. If you’re one of those who actually use the drain hole, the Polisport has one which also functions as the handle when it folds up. The side panels pop out to allow access for a small oil pan. Our model has white panels which have the added benefit of acting as a dry erase board. A squirt of Windex or contact cleaner is enough to wipe the slate clean, and we found it useful for keeping track of moto and practice schedules, figuring enduro checkpoints or just leaving your friend a nasty message.

The drain hole doubles as a
handle when folded.

At only 90 bucks, this is way more realistic than upgrading your rig. Even if you have plenty of room, it’s still a great option. We’ve had bikes sitting on it for months and have found nothing wrong with the design or functionality. It has become our go-to option when traveling with a bike stand, even replacing our aluminum stands that weigh less. Toss a dry erase pen into your toolbox and make it even more versatile. Our time with Polisport’s version is enough to convince us that there’s no reason not to consider the folding style over traditional bike stands for lightweight motorcycle support.

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Check out the video provided by Polisport. The last scene is especially good at demonstrating the bennies.


JC Hilderbrand

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