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December 20, 2009
JC Hilderbrand
Melody DeKorte
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Kendon Industries’ MotoLift takes performing service work on your motorcycle to new heights.

Working on your dirt-bike can be back-breaking work especially if wrenching from the ground, but a new motorcycle lift from the engineering geniuses at Kendon Industries (think Stand-Up Motorcycle Trailers) can bring things up to new heights. The next generation of motorcycle lifts, MotoLift hosts the latest of innovations for the off-road market.

The MotoLift allows the do-it-yourselfer to have all the access that a professional motorcycle lift affords without the hassle of losing valuable floor space. It takes up the same amount of square footage as most of the big lifts but only when being used. Once done, the MotoLift simply folds up and can be rolled away to the side. But that’s just the icing on the cake.

The air-over-hydraulic jack makes it possible for the MotoLift to, well, lift any size motorcycle up to 600 lbs. An integrated wheel chock makes loading a one-man job. So whether it’s a big Super Enduro or a smaller motocross bike, you can virtually bring the work up to where it its convenient. Variable height locks hold the lift until the job is done, then turn the valve release and the lift lowers slowly. It also features a manual pump so motocross riders are free to haul it trackside for necessary repairs.

The MotoLift features a variable height locking system so work can be performed at any level.

Add the optional engine jack, remove either the front or rear section, and changing a tire or detailing the wheels is a snap. The engine jack is also useful for changing out forks or servicing the chain. Other goodies that are offered include drain pans designed to slip securely into the lift under the bike and work trays for tools or parts.

Kendon Industries President Frank Esposito says, “It really is the ultimate work station. It is the perfect solution to a number of challenges faced in the shop, combined with the benefit of total portability. From basic maintenance to full-blown service work such as removing both wheels, the MotoLift does more than a professional grade shop lift will do, without taking up space!”

With a MSRP of $999.95 plus shipping, the MotoLift is a functional solution for the home-based shop without sacrificing precious garage space.

Check out the demo video below and for more information, visit:

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