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December 7, 2009
JC Hilderbrand
Melody DeKorte
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Palm Protectors Ad Risk Racing
If your hands have ever looked like this, then Risk Racing has a solution for you with Palm Protectors.
Risk Racing Palm Protectors

Off-road riders know the effects of extended time spent gripping the handlebars can cause painful blisters. Those in turn, ruin concentration and enjoyment of the ride or worst case, serious infection and time away from riding.

The smart folks at Risk Racing have got it covered – literally – with Palm Protectors. These thin, protective layers were designed to be worn under gloves and cover the palm and delicate skin area between the thumb and index finger from abrasion and vibration. By absorbing some of the vibration sent up through the handlebars, the Palm Protectors also help to alleviate the debilitating condition of arm pump that affects even top athletes.

Though Palm Protectors were designed with Motocross and trail riders in mind, anyone who rides a motorcycle for any length of time can benefit from them and at a cost of $7.99 a pair, its great peace of mind. 

  • Ultimate protection against blisters
  • Full coverage palm protection
  • Grip flange protection between thumb and forefinger
  • Ultra-thin armor worn underneath gloves
  • Vibration reduction

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