QuadBoss ATV Tire Sealant Review

Doug Meyer | December 1, 2009
QuadBoss Tire Sealant
Dump some tire sealant into your ATV tire and help eliminate the risk of flats due to punctures or cuts.

Like so many things in this life, off-roaders can be divided into two categories — those that have already had to deal with the ugly inconvenience of a trail flat, and those that have yet to be visited by the tire gremlins. The only hope for the latter is to learn from the experience of those that have gone before. A good start is to run quality tires and to be sure they have a quality sealant inside them.

The QuadBoss Tire Sealant is capable of sealing punctures in your ATV tire’s tread up to 1/2-inch in diameter, and up to 1/4-inch diameter in the sidewall. Yes, that’s right. It’s not a typo. Due to the fibers in the sealant it can quickly and permanently seal a puncture up to ½ inch in diameter. It will take 32 ounces of sealant for each ATV tire to properly coat the inner surface sufficiently but once installed it will greatly reduce the chance of your tire losing air due to a puncture or even a bead leak or a pinhole in the wheel. The majority of serious tire damage and premature wear is often caused by slow leaks in your tires that are ridden for many miles without detection.

Plus, the QuadBoss Tire Sealant will not rust or corrode your wheels whether they are steel or aluminum. It’s biodegradable so it can be washed out at anytime with nothing more than plain old water. It will not solidify or freeze above -33 degrees and is non-flammable. But a word of caution, it does contain ethylene glycol, the deadly-but-delicious stuff that makes antifreeze so dangerous, which means you’ll need to keep any unused or spilled portions away from children and pets.

QuadBoss Tire Sealant
Once the QuadBoss is inside the tire, you don’t have to worry about carrying any with you on the trail. It won’t freeze and instantly starts sealing damage as soon as it happens.

Our take: As much as it sounds too good to be true, the QuadBoss Tire Sealant really does work. We actually cut a slice in the sidewall of a tire with a razor blade and watched it seal itself right before our eyes! Even after that we worried that the extra weight of the sealant would mess with the balance of the tires. Now, we have to admit that although we wanted to be able to feel the difference, we really couldn’t.

Okay, so having to buy a four-pack of 32-ounce bottles for your ATV is not a cheap proposition ($14-per bottle or $50-per gallon), but considering it will last as long as the tires on your ATV certainly makes it seem a little less terrifying. Getting back home from a long, rocky trail ride after getting a big sidewall slice or a greasewood stick through the tread may well make the expenditure seem like a screaming deal. 

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