Roger Edmondson to Leave AMA Racing

December 30, 2009
Courtesy of AMA Pro Racing

AMA Czar Roger Edmonson
The 2010 AMA Pro Road Racing season will not have CEO Roger Edmondson at the helm.

A recent press release from AMA Pro Racing has announced CEO Roger Edmondson will leave the organization due to “unforeseen health issues.” AMA Pro Racing execs David Atlas, Tom Bledsoe and Chris Harris will fill in, with Edmondson “available to consult.” Edmondson has been at the center of controversy as the leading figurehead of the Daytona Motorsport Group’s takeover of the AMA racing efforts, most notably in the AMA Superbike roadracing series. – MCUSA Ed 

Roger Edmondson will be leaving his position as Chairman, Managing Member and Chief Executive Officer of AMA Pro Racing effective January 1, 2010.

Edmondson, a pioneer in motorcycle racing and one of the original Managing Members of the AMA Pro Racing organization, will be leaving to deal with some unforeseen health issues that necessitate his full attention.

“Roger’s health is first and foremost in our minds,” said David Atlas, Chief Operating Officer, AMA Pro Racing. “Roger’s significant, multi-decade contribution to motorcycle racing is well known but nothing is more important than his health.”

AMA Moto-GT Daytona
With Edmondson not calling the shots in 2010, will unpopular rules like the pace car and rolling starts be on the way out at AMA Superbike, excuse us, AMA Pro Road Racing events?

Edmondson will available to consult with the management of AMA Pro Racing but his official duties will be reallocated among the other current Managing Members, David Atlas, Tom Bledsoe and Chris Harris.

The 2010 AMA Pro Racing season will again open at the famous Daytona International Speedway, March 3-5, headlined by the Daytona 200 held under the lights at the 2.5-mile World Center of Racing followed by a full season of Road Racing, Flat Track and Motocross events.