Shock Doctor Eject Helmet Removal System

Adam Waheed | December 4, 2009

The $59.99 Shock Doctor Eject Emergency Helmet Removal System helps prevent further neck and spine injuries of crash victims during emergency helmet removal.

Neck and spine injuries are a life-altering peril that motorcyclists face each time we strap on our helmets. Shock Doctor, a leader in design and manufacturing of innovative sports protection technology, hopes to reduce the occurrence of spinal injuries with its Shock Doctor Eject Helmet Removal System.
The system is designed to allow emergency medical technicians to easily remove the helmet of an injured rider, thereby reducing the chances of further neck or spinal cord trauma. The setup is comprised of a thin, two-inch square air bladder that is situated inside the top of your helmet. It can be fitted between the inner liner and shell toward the center of the helmet. The bladder connects to an air tube that’s routed inside the liner and down through the bottom of the right-hand side of the helmet. The intake air connector can then be fastened to the base of the helmet via its Velcro fastener. A yellow ‘Eject equipped’ sticker is then placed next to the intake to signal to medical personnel that the system is installed.

Shock Doctor Eject Instructions
This illustration shows the four steps involved in activating the Eject system and safely removing the helmet from the rider.

To activate, one needs to first detach or cut the helmet’s chin strap, followed by removal of the riders’ eyeglasses or goggles. Next, attach the air squeeze bulb assembly to the air intake connector (a compressed air removal device is available for EMT use only). Pump the bulb while guiding the helmet off the rider’s head. Furthermore, Shock Doctor offers an Eject EMT/First Responder Helmet Removal Kit that can be used when the injured rider’s helmet is not equipped with the standard Eject Helmet Removal System. The Eject system can be used in all type of powesport helmets, both street and dirt and is required for all competitors in the AMA Supercross series.
MSRP: $59.99

Adam Waheed

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