Victory Auction Aids Ft. Hood Victims

December 14, 2009
Bryan Harley
Bryan Harley
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Custom Victory Kingpin 8-BallVictory Military Bike custom-painted Hammer S
Like what you see? Then c’mon, dig deep in those pockets and make a bid. Proceeds from the sale of these two custom-painted Victory Motorcycles will benefit the families and soldiers affected by the recent tragedy at Ft. Hood.

You know, ‘tis the season for giving, and despite their gruff exteriors, motorcyclists are often the biggest-hearted people around. Bikers don’t hesitate to support a cause they believe in, from toy runs for needy kids to fundraisers for cancer patients. 

American motorcycle manufacturers frequently represent the same intrinsic values as its customers, especially when it comes time to honor those men and women of the Armed Forces who daily put their lives on the line to protect us. That’s why in light of the recent tragedy at Texas’ Fort Hood, Victory Motorcycles is doing the honorable thing by stepping up and donating the proceeds from the sale of two custom-painted motorcycles to benefit families and soldiers impacted by the recent tragedy. 

The bikes were originally part of a traveling display for Victory’s “Full Throttle Salute” program which provides discounts to current and former members of the military. Victory’s Industrial Design Team built a custom Kingpin 8-Ball with traditional olive drab and time-honored military markings and a Victory Hammer S with a racy paint job and huge stars on its tank in honor of the modern military.

“We certainly appreciate the freedom to ride though this wonderful country, and that freedom comes with a price,” said Victory Vice-President, Mark Blackwell. “We at Victory Motorcycles and Polaris Industries are proud to support those who have made the greatest commitment to this country, and we thank them for their dedicated service. It was a unique experience to build these two American motorcycles that represent the freedom, quality and lifestyle of our country that our Armed Forces protect each day.”

Victory two-tone military bike
This custom-painted Victory military bike is a Hammer S model with aftermarket pipes and a blacked-out engine treatment.

Victory’s parent company, Polaris Industries, began supplying vehicles, parts and training to the U.S. Armed Forces in 2002. By 2005, it had developed Polaris Defense, a program that dedicates its resources to the needs of the military. For example, it makes a military-only Polaris MV 700 with a steel ‘exoskeleton,’ stronger suspension, run-flat tires, an auxiliary fuel tank, military racks, a back-up pull start, keyless ignition, and Blackout drive. Additionally, it is droppable from an air transporter. Talk about your suspension upgrades.

“We know that a pretty significant number of our Victory owners are current or former military personnel,” said Blackwell. “We receive letters and communications from many of them and so we were very proud to recently announce a program to offer our support and say ‘Thank You’ to the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces.”

Further details about Victory’s “Full Throttle Salute” program can be found at  Opening bids begin at $10,000, while the charity auction will end appropriately on Memorial Day. To see the motorcycles in person, Victory will have a booth at the upcoming New York IMS show on Jan. 22-24, where the bikes will be on display.