Rotopax Fuel Packs Product Review

Doug Meyer | January 8, 2010
No great adventure can be properly prepared for without carrying extra fuel  and the Rotopax fuel packs make it an easy thing to do.
The Rotpax Fuel Packs can extend riding distance but not hamper cargo space.

Whether you plan to head out for a weekend camping trip or simply a long afternoon ride, it is always best to be prepared for whatever might happen. And trust me, something’s always going to. One of the more common things that happen to us is riding for much longer than we originally planned. Now, I suppose testing ATVs for a living and having the Paiute Trail as your back yard test area could be a couple of reasons that would increase the possibility, but running out of fuel on your way home with the sun setting is not something you ever hope for. That’s why we always carry extra fuel along on our rides.

We tried a bunch of cans to carry extra fuel and the best we found are the fuel and water packs from Rotopax. They come in several different versions that include a newly redesigned four-gallon flat pack and a combination of color-coded two-gallon and one-gallon modular packs that can be used singularly or locked together in a number of possibilities.

A pair of 2-galon packs can be fasted together and mounted on the front or rear rack to carry both fuel and water for a camping trip.
The ways to attach the fuel packs is almost endless. Here we mounted a pair to the lid of the RyFab box on our long term RZR.
Whether its an ATV or a UTV, Rotopax offers fuel or water packs that can be safety carried.

All Rotopax containers are molded using a method called rotational molding, a process that is more costly than the typical injection molding procedure, but has the benefit of producing a much higher quality and more durable product. The colors are less prone to fading, but more important, the pack itself is thicker and less prone to leaks – even in the most extreme conditions. Because the guys at Rotopax actually use the products they make, they knew it was important to design the nozzles with extra threads and leak-proof gaskets. These packs never leaked even when bouncing along trails in extremely hot weather.

All the two-gallon packs are color-keyed to what should be inside, and quickly and easily twist together and lock in place using the provided clips. The packs can be fastened flat to the racks of an ATV or the bed of a UTV using the supplied Velcro straps. Plus there are mounts to attach the packs to the rear of racks and boxes, and even a double mount to stack the fuel packs for when you require even greater capacity.

Don’t be confused by foreign imitations. Rotopax products are the original and are still proudly made right here in the USA, not in China like the knock-offs that have been prone to leakage problems.

Rotopax Fuel Packs
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